Most of the drinking water the general public has access to is the tap or municipal water supply. There have been many concerns in recent years regarding the water quality that comes from this source of water. Some of these are founded on the sound evidence which shows that despite regulations being set in place, the municipal water supply in the US contains up to 2,100 toxic materials (assessed in a report by the Ralph Nader Group). To eliminate the threat this poses to our people, and for the benefit of all households, some action needs to be taken; one solution is using water filtration systems.

The Woder 10K Filtration system is one such option available in the market, at a reasonable price. The system gets its catchy name by the capacity of its function: it can pump out 10,000 gallons of water while promising to remove 99.9% of contaminants in the water.


There are many factors which contribute collectively to make this a convenient system to purchase. It is a very accessible system that can be installed in a straightforward and hassle-free manner. The instructions are quite clear and it is available in a complete, assembled apparatus including a filter body, inlet hose (3/8 m compression by ¼ standard pipe thread), outlet hose (3/8 m compression by ¼ standard pipe), clip and screw. The system set-up should take no longer than five minutes as the entire method of installation is made quite easy to understand for the layman.

The filtration system is meant to be placed under the sink during and after installation which means it can be tidily tucked away without drawing attention or sticking out. The system is less complex than Reverse Osmosis systems, which require a lot of space. The Woder appliance leaves plenty of space for any other storage use required beneath the sink.

The Woder 10K is made in the USA and a big part of what makes it an attractive option is its appeal to value for money. Whereas the other systems available in the same price range ensure that 1000 – 5000 gallons of water can be filtered before replacing the machine, Woder maintains that the 10K Filtration System can be used for 10,000 gallons of water and would last up to three years (thanks to capacity in the cartridge made for the system).

Moreover, the purchase is also considered risk free and safe as Amazon assures the handling and shipping. The system is also the best-reviewed water filtration machine on Amazon, according to Woder.

High Performance and Reliability

This heavy-duty filtration system performs well up to expectations. It comprises of a solid, smooth tube and two water lines connected to the tube. The NSF has approved the components of the system and the system itself has been given the green light by the EPA.

A singular great benefit of this system is that it is very efficient and reliable. It aims to remove many different impurities that can be found within the water: volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), lead and chlorine have been highlighted as being exterminated up till 99.9% by the Woder 10K system. Other materials mentioned that can be eliminated from the water are asbestos, mercury and turbidity (the cloudiness or unclarity caused by impurities inside the water).

Filter life

Water Flow Rate

System Efficiency

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Woder
  • Color: White
  • Item Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • Item Size: 2.5” x 2.5” x 2.5”
  • Package Weight: 2.3 lbs
  • Package Size: 5.8” x 4.2” x 4.2”

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

There are many positive aspects of the model discussed in the customer reviews. The installation process was a common good experience. The ease which enabled the customers to be able to not just purchase but also install the system so quickly made it simple to see the results of the change.

The change itself affected the water in taste, appearance and odor. There are numerous accounts detailing that the system provided delicious, fresh water to its users. This idea resonates with the fact that this system is notably different from the Reverse Osmosis systems, which often deplete the water of its natural minerals along with the impurities and induce an artificial taste. The Woder 10K system, on the other hand, provides water that tastes crisp, from the elements that are present in the water organically.

Furthermore, the appearance of the water is noted to have significantly improved by the use of this machine. Many customers have mentioned that the change is so obvious that it can easily be perceived by the naked eye.

Those that have bought this system for purposes other than drinking water have also been pleasantly surprised by the capability this small machine. It is absolutely ideal for using for these other needs as it is durable and ideally sized to be placed wherever it needs to be, without taking too much space.

Customers who have vetted different types of water filtration systems found this a very reasonable one in terms of the price and longetivity it proposed. There have been some concerns that the volume of water has decreased after installing a filtration system. This is a common issue among many other filtration systems, in which the problem of a slow flow has been encountered. However, it has been explained by other users as being due to the water pressure being supplied to the system, instead of their sink taps, from their main source of water.

This system stands high above many other machines in the market that simply do not provide the capability that this system can, in the same price range. There are many factors that need to be considered when purchasing a water filtration system and it can be harrowing to try to decide which would be the right fit for any home. The Woder 10K filtration system, with its simplicity in design and efficiency in performance, has much to recommend it. If there are any doubts to whether or not you should be acquiring this product for yourself, we hope this review clears them all up!