Wet Grinders are kitchen appliances used by chefs or home cooks to grind down wheat, grains, pulses, spices and other ingredients into a very pasty, or semi-solid consistency. This grinding method is especially helpful for preparing very popular South Indian dishes, like dosa, idli, and sambar. But with advancing technology, households can now all own electric wet grinders, which greatly reduces the workload off of grinding ingredients into paste. But despite this advancement in technology, a problem arises of wet grinders being very cluttering and large in size. They are hard to store, heavy to move, and just too large in size. And those that have achieved a smaller size in their wet grinders usually have to compromise in their grinding power.

But a product has been able to circumvent and solve the dilemma. The small size of the Vidiem Jewel-SS grinder makes it perfect for storage and carrying around, but this small stature does nothing to deter the grinding capabilities of this handy table top grinder, and it makes for a very powerful grinding appliance. 

Double Wiper Function

UnlikeVidiem Jewel-SS Wet Grinder many other table top wet grinders of its kind, the Vidiem Jewel-SS comes with a special double wiper function. These double wipers work tirelessly from both ends to ensure a very smooth leftover grinder bowl at the end of your grinding session. This means hardly any residue is left behind stuck to the walls of the inside of the grinder drum, making it very easy to clean. This double wiper function also makes sure that it grinds up all the ingredients smoothly instead of leaving some coarse ingredients behind in the middle of a smooth paste that makes you want to resort to a second go in the grinder and takes up more time and effort.

Less Residue Leftover

The Vidiem Jewel-SS Wet Grinderspecialty of this table top wet grinder is it’s great ability to keep the inside of your grinder relatively clean even after working with the messiest and stickiest ingredients for grinding. This is why unlike other table top wet grinders in the market, it does not need a separate spatula to help clean up a mess afterwards. People often complain about other grinders not coming with a separate spatula included, and even those who do come with a spatula included often end up misplacing or losing the spatula. Fortunately, this worry does not exist with the Vidiem Jewel-SS and you can do your grinding work and afterwards just use its self cleaning double wiper system to take care of the mess. All you have to do is just rinse and wash with mild soap. No harsh scraping or cleaning required.


  • The Double wipers leave no residue behind after grinding.
  • The Vidiem Jewel-SS Wet Grinder fits easily into compact cabinets in the kitchen.
  • Light in weight and easy to handle
  • Has capable grinding power despite its compact size and still has a sizable, 2 liter capacity.

Stone Quality



Customer’s Reviews & Conclusion

Being one of those nifty and friendly little kitchen gadgets, the Vidiem Jewel-SS does not disappoint the average, cooking enthusiastic customer. With most reviewers praising the Vidiem Jewel-SS Wet Grinder’s compactness and storage ability, the reduced size does nothing to decrease the quality of the grinding this machine is capable of doing. The customers noted that it can grind some of the hardest ingredients with relative ease and smoothness, despite its small size compared to the other table top wet grinders available out there.

Some reviewers complain of the noise of the grinder, but the noise is due to the double wipers, and is the price of a compact wet grinder that also maintains optimal grinding power. This grinder is the perfect buy for the budget concerned person who has a limited amount of cash to spend on a kitchen appliance such as this, but also has somewhat frequent use of the table top wet grinders for their daily cooking and grinding needs. Even though it makes a great daily compact grinding device, it should be kept in mind not to use it for too much of a heavy duty grinding task because it simply isn’t built for that. Otherwise, it’s a great investment.