Let’s face it, with the lack of variety in the market of table top wet grinders, a consumer is left with no choice but to go with whatever is the lesser evil in terms of their cost versus benefit ratio. Ultra Dura+ Wet GrinderMost customers often have to compromise on one feature or the other, and they definitely have to compromise on the cost of the product which is a huge compromise when it comes to value for money. This is where the Ultra brand shines the most as it is currently one of the top most contenders when it comes to the market for table top wet grinders. The Ultra Dura+ Table Top Wet Grinder is not only a good branded grinder, it comes through and stands up to the scrutiny of the highest grinder standards that come from the well informed consumers.

Effectively Designed Conical Stones

TheUltra Dura+ conically shaped grinding stones best special feature of the Ultra Dura+ wet grinder that sets it apart from others of its kind is the highly effective conically shaped grinding stones it comes with. A little research is enough to know how conical stones are the best when it comes to precision in grinding and pulverizing even the hardest substances. The conical shape of stones is optimal for forcing the ingredients to be properly ground.

Stainless Steel Body

The stainless steel body of the Ultra Dura+stainless steel body of the Ultra Dura+ is truly one of its stand out features as it not only adds to the look of the grinder but also greatly optimizes the quality and durability of this machine which makes it last with a single user for multiple years on end, even despite heavy usage. The kitchen experts and connoisseurs know how valuable stainless steel material in their kitchen appliances is as compared to the plastic material most other brands use. Plastic containers and bodies are really impractical and very useless after prolonged usage as they tend to be very prone to wear and tear and damage. The stainless steel body prevents rust and damage from scratches and strong dish washing soaps.


  • Slim and slender design
  • Drum has detachment option
  • Grinds flour for all kinds of south Indian dishes like (idli, dosa, etc.)
  • Operates perfectly on 110 Volts 60hz
  • Rotor is made from stainless steel

Stone Quality



Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion:

The customers who use this product seem to be very loyal to the brand name and presence of Ultra. They say that they trust the Ultra brand and this is their go to brand, not only when it comes to buying kitchen appliances in general but also when it comes to choosing exactly what kind of table to top wet grinder they should be purchasing for regular use in their cooking. Customers also love the slim and slender design of this table top wet grinder, along with the long durability of it.

The stainless steel barrel body and exterior is a personal favorite for many customers at it keeps being the top mentioned thing in most of the reviews on the product pages on various sites. It really is no surprise that the stainless steel body of the Ultra Dura+ wet grinder found favorite with the customers, because not only does it present as a very nice and sleek looking design, it also is unbelievably high in its durability, quality and sturdiness.

A lot of customers reviewing the product mentioned that they have owned the grinder for many years and the quality of the product still holds up as the first time they bought it and it still feels as good as new, due to the durable steel body. Although hardly anyone mentioned any cons, the only con some reviewers did mention was that the grinder sometimes gets hard to clean because of the internal structures. However, that is a very small qualm compared to the otherwise brilliant quality this product provides with its greatly durable body, powerful grinding motor and revolutionary grinding stones that make your job ten times more easy. That being said, this product is a must buy for it’s great brand name and durability that lasts for years and years.