One of the biggest problems for music listeners these days is that they are not able to enjoy their favorite song without having to deal with noise in their everyday lives. There are a number of different factors that make it difficult for people to properly enjoy their music listening experience.Sony Premium MDR1000XB
For example, if you frequently have to commute using public transport, the chances are that you would not end up having a great time listening to music because the noise from the train or bus is going to make it difficult for you to hear all of the important details. Additionally, if you live in a large family, the kids are going to be making so much noise that the same sort of logic is going to apply.
This is why it is so important for you to buy noise cancelling headphones that would allow you to listen to your favorite music no matter what kind of environment you are in. The Sony Sony Premium MDR1000XB Noise Cancelling Headphones are one of the best options for you on the market. Read the review provided below to find out more.

Specs and Design

The design of this product is slightly different from its competitors on the market in that it provides you with a matte exterior. Most headphones are made with a glossy exterior because that is the design trend that is currently in fashion, but this product has managed to provide you with something new and exciting by deviating from the norm.
Another important benefit that this product provides can be seen in its touch interface which is highly intuitive. Instead of having to deal with cumbersome buttons, you can use gestures, thus giving you the impression that these headphones are from the future. The touch interface is particularly useful if you want to flip through songs as your fingers would become far less tired due to the lack of effort you are putting in.
The Sony MDR1000XB headphones also come with a built-in battery and the earpieces are insulated in order to prevent extraneous sounds from ruining your music listening experience. From a design and tech perspective, this product is simultaneously cutting edge and a trailblazer for future headsets. It is important to note that a headset like this generally costs a lot of money, but somehow the company has managed to avoid being overly expensive.

Build quality

Sound quality





  • Durability: If there is one thing that makes this product stand out, it is the fact that it is so highly durable. You would be able to drop this product, knock it against stuff, and even leave it out while your kids are playing without having to worry about it breaking all that easily. This makes it perfect for people who are clumsy and would be wary of products that are overly fragile. Rest assured that the materials used in this product are top notch and can withstand quite a bit of rough treatment.
  • Style: While there is no shortage of stylish headphones on the market, it is important to note that this product is stylish in a different way. If you are the sort of person who always likes to stand out, you will love pretty much every single thing about this product. The matte design will be a far cry from the sleek products that everyone else is using. Buying it would allow you to take part in a design trend that might just be the way of the future.
  • Price: This product is available at an excellent price that would not harm your pocket in any way. Many headphones out there are being offered at exorbitant prices simply because the companies making them think that an uneducated consumer base would pay for them because they don’t know any better. Sony, on the other hand, has decided to provide a quality product that is durable and stylish for a price that is very fair indeed. When you consider the various benefits you would get from using this product, you would realize that buying it would be a great decision to make.
  • Battery Life: If you are the sort of person who is out and about on a regular basis, you will find that most headphones would be unsuitable because of their short battery lives. This product, on the other hand, is much more useful because it does not cause die while you are using it. Since these headphones are pretty durable, you would not have trouble taking them around with you as they would not break because of frequent use either. Hence, you can use these headphones all you want.


  • Sound Quality: There is only one problem that you are going to have with this product, but it is quite a big one, all things considered. When you play music on these headphones, the sound quality would not be all that great. While it is certainly adequate to listen to a wide variety of music, those individuals who seek something a little more high end when it comes to sound quality would not be satisfied with the audio output of this product. The main reason for this is that the product has been designed for style, durability, and affordability, so sound quality has been brought to acceptable levels and no more.


What you have here is a product that has stylishly been designed for a budget market. It offers amazing noise cancellation, although the overall sound quality leaves something to be desired. Additionally, you will find that the durability of this product makes the lower-than-average price point even more worth it. The matte finish for this product also provides a unique stylistic advantage that will help you set yourself apart and establish a unique sense of identity. All in all, this product is a great option for you if you are looking for a great headphone on a budget.