In the world of headphones, Sennheiser is a very renowned name. Sennheiser has manufactured some top-notch headphones for its customers to enjoy quality music. HD 800 S is one of the latest headphones with the most beautiful design. However, here is the catch, with all the amazing features and so good design the price is also a bit too high. HD 800 S costs almost $1,700 which is on the expensive side.

The Sennheiser HD800 earphones are altogether different proposition from different earphones in this price section. They look very regular at first look; however, these are extremely far from being standard ones.

Design & Features

The Sennheiser HD 800 S is a model with full-size, open earphones and large earpieces, which completely, effortlessly, and serenely cover the ears. They are extremely comfortable.

The ear pads have a micro-fiber material that is cool and comfortable. An efficiently removable and hand-washable fabric defender covers the earpieces from the inside. A permanently installed and engineered mesh material covers and shields the user from air and dirt. The pressure of the ear pads is just right for its users.

The main earpiece lodgings are 60% glass fiber-filled with firm plastic. The biggest advantage of the headphones being made of plastic is that even though they are large, they are surprisingly lightweight. HD 800 S is only 330 grams in weight which is amazing. The system supports a beautiful acoustically clear stainless steel too. The perforated stainless steel allows the headphones to mimic sound the way it can be heard in a speaker. The stainless steel and the special plastic were chosen because of their acoustic properties.

With ordinary speaker listening, the wavefront hits the side of your ears and head at an angle. To copy this geometry, Sennheiser mounts the HD 800 S drivers marginally forward of ears, and somewhat at an angle. The bigger diameter and angled geometry of the HD 800 S driver create a wavefront that is in contact with the ears in a more regular manner than with conventional earphones and permits a greater amount of the reflections at the external ear to happen. This enables the cerebrum to comprehend and confine its listening ability significantly better. The outcome is basically enhanced.

Build quality

Sound quality




A gimbal assembly joins the headband from the back of every earpiece and has two pivot points that enable adequate flexibility for the earpiece to tilt and swivel to line up with the side of the head for a legitimate fit.

The headband has a center segment that incorporates a comfortable cushion produced using the same material as that of the ear pads. Sennheiser claims that the headband has features that give a lot of damping. The outer part, instead of the interior, is where the vibrations are produced. It is claimed that because of this design less distortion is generated than a conventional driver.

An excellent and exceptionally decent custom 1/4″ stereo earphone fitting is on the other side of the cable.

Each cord to the earcup has a Y-cable which is covered with cloth. The Y-cables are silver-plated and have oxygen-free wiring. To increase durability, it is enforced with Kevlar. The cables are removable.

The storage case of the HD 800 S is breathtaking. These headphones are made and tested in Germany.

Audio Performance

The headphones are perfect when it comes to audio. Instead of throwing a jumble of sounds to the users, the HD 800 S is known to give comprehensive and multidimensional music.

The HD 800 S is a lot like high-end speakers than the standard headphones. These headphones are the best thing money can buy. They have got the most finely tuned sonic balance. It is like there is a direct connection to the music through the headphones.

The sound quality gives a sense of space and depth, but sometimes it could be a downside too because some songs might sound distant too.

The HD 800 S is so good that it magnifies even the smallest sound in the music or a show you are listening through the headphones, be it the sound of the faintest footstep or the creak of a door opening, all the sounds are loud and crystal clear.

The HD 800 S sounds clear. The bass and drums are all the more sound lively. The bass kicks deep and hard, and the details of the music are very precise.

Bass drops on the HD 800 S come with fulfilling power without overpowering the midrange. The treble is unmistakable, not piercing. It adds stunning dynamic differentiation to somewhat knock up the bass reaction. Indeed, even at high volumes, all the usual earphone quirks of contortion or reverberation are just absent from the Sennheiser HD 800 S.

Most sets simply do not have the space for the partition that these headphones do. Despite the fact that the Sennheiser headphones do not release sound into the room, there is still sufficient spillage. What is more, let’s be honest, when music sounds this great, you would not generally want to turn it down.


Despite the fact that they are extremely costly, are not the best match for an iPod, and do not include a connector for 3.5mm minijacks, Sennheiser HD 800 S is top-notch with designing and construct quality. These headphones have very accurate sound, super comfortable over-the-ear design, and detachable earphone cable. The Sennheiser HD 800 S is at the top level of ultra-high earphones. In case you are on the market for super luxury phones, they should be on your list – if not at the top of it. Definitely the best headphones you can get. Furthermore, they are certainly justifiable to listen with.