ItReal Relax Favor-01 Massage Chair would cost a lot of money to hire a masseuse every day, but it would almost always be worth it because after a long day at work we’re all tired. We all want to come home and relax and make the fatigue go away. Well, thanks to technology you can get the benefit of a masseuse at a fraction of the cost of hiring one every day.

The Real Relax Favor-01 Massage Chair is a good investment for you because after all of the hard work you do, you deserve to kick back, relax, and make the ache from your muscles go away. By the end of this review you will make will be informed enough about this massage chair to decide if it’s right for you.

Multiple Massage Components

I can make the bold claim that the Real Relax Favor-01 Shiatsu Massage Chair might even be better than a masseuse. How? It has a waist heater, a telescopic leg area, a neck massager, a hip massager and heater, and of course a foot massager.Real Relax Favor-01 Massage Chair The foot massager will take away all your exhaustion away, at the same time it’ll encourage blood circulation and hence decrease your chances of getting cramps. There are 2 airbags dedicated to each shoulder and the chair has flaps for the shoulders that wrap around it and can fit comfortable on any size. There are a total of 4 airbags for the arm massager. When you come back from the gym after to a set of curls or any other arm exercise, take this massage chair for a spin; it will feel like you’ve been sent straight to heaven!

The backrest will massage your back at 8 different regions. If you have regular back pain then this will do wonders for you and will make the pain go away. It would make sense to believe that if you’re tired of sitting then the best thing to do would be to stand up. This, however, would not be the most rational thing to do if you own the Real Relax Favor-01 Full Body Massage Chair because the seat has compression systems that work to remove the ache from your glutes. You legs fit into the telescopic leg area and work with the foot massager to relieve you from fatigue.

Advanced Airbag Technology

You can choose any of the 4 preset modes, either according to your mood or it’s possible that you might not prefer the other modes. These zero gravity design will actually make you feel like you’re floating, as 35 air bags work together to take away all your discomfort and give you immense pleasure. Real Relax Favor-01 Massage ChairThere are also built in heaters that will make you sweat, which is good for you because it opens your pores, improves your metabolism, and also will work well in the winters when you are looking for warmth.

The Favor-01 Massage Chair isn’t just a good massage chair. It has a comfortable leather exterior which would make you want to sit on it all day long. The massage chair even has wheels which allow it to be easily moved around. You can place it in the living room when you want everyone to use it or move it to your room when you want to use it with some privacy.

The intelligent control system lets you sit back and relax as the control system takes care of everything. You can save your preferred settings and won’t even have to budge a finger once you’ve found the right setting for yourself. The air pump is scarily silent; it doesn’t make any noise and it’s like it’s not even there. The foam used for the chair is state of the art and is shock absorbent, anti-static, and it doesn’t make any noise no matter how hard you jump on it.

However, users are not encouraged to jump on the chair – it’s for relaxation, not exercise! The foam is shock-absorbent enough however, to withstand ordinary pressure while sitting down or getting up.

Massage Quality

Customization Options




  • Model: Favor-01
  • Package Weight: 166Pound
  • Max Weight:440.9 Pounds
  • Power: 100W
  • Voltage: AC 120V 60Hz
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Colours: Khaki, Black, and Burgundy

Customer’s Reviews and Conclusion

The Real Relax Favor-01 gives you a full body massage which not all massage chairs offer these days. The remote is separate from the chair so that can be a problem because remotes can get lost and it might be a problem if someone comes home from tiring day at work and has to look for the remote, but Real Relax has given somewhat of a solution to as they have provided a side pocket that the remote fits into.

The Favor-01 is also extremely cheap compared to other massage chair and also has a lot more to offer. Some users complained that the chair is uncomfortable for people with large arms as it can feel like the massagers are pinching them; but this can be easily remedied by choosing a different preset. The presence of wheels on the chair allows you to easily move the chair anywhere in the house at anytime. Another good thing about the Favor-01 is that it’s really easy to assemble.

In conclusion, you should get the Real Relax Favor-01 Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair and finally get the benefit of having your own personal masseuse (except better). This chair is not even going to put much of a dent on your wallet because it’s for less than $600. Plus it also has a 3 year warranty. You’re not only investing in a luxury, you’re also investing in your health, as the compression and heating systems also improve your blood circulation and metabolism.