Premier Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder isPremier Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder a great grinder for both wet and dry ingredients and is a very powerful kitchen tool. This table top grinder comes equipped with heat resistant stones that do not give into friction and overheating from prolonged grinding which gives you more pulse time as well as a longer stone life when it comes to their guarantee. Not only does the Premier Wonder seem to be designed perfectly keeping in mind the powerful grinding and pulverizing of tough cooking ingredients, it is also surprisingly very great at kneading dough of all kinds with its design if used in conjunction with the Premier kneading attachment supply that can be added on to the purchase of the grinder. The stainless steel insides are very easy to clean. 

Ultra Compactness

Premier Wonder Table Top Wet GrinderProbably the best thing about this model is that it is designed to be very slim and compact. Most table top wet grinders take up a lot of horizontal space on you kitchen’s table top counter, leaving very little room for cooking prep for other ingredients and items on your workstation. The large horizontal space also makes your unit look and feel bulky and it becomes harder to move around, clean and store because it’s inconveniently spread out size and design. The Premier Wonder Wet Grinder doesn’t have this design trouble, because it is designed to take up less space horizontally and more vertically on the counter, making it a very great appliance when it comes to cleaning, moving around the grinder, or even cleaning it out. It’s very easy to store and set up too, specifically because of its great compact structure and design.

Optimized Noise Reduction

The great thing about this table top wet grinder is the two stone technology that works smoothly to deliver the fastest and smoothest ground product after each use. Because of these two stones and a no belt motor system, this grinder makes far less noise when compared with other table top wet grinders of this kind. This is a very important feature because most of the time you’ll be grinding really hard and tough ingredients in these grinder, which produce a lot of noise. All that noise and unbearable racket that ensues from other table top grinders in the market, does not seem to ensue from this one. So any and all kinds of toughest ingredients can be ground up without worrying about too much excessive noise spreading from these units and disturbing not only your family but other people also within listen range like neighbors and people passing by. 


  • No conventional belt motor
  • Noise free operation
  • Easy to clean and take apart for assembly
  • 1.5 Liter (0.40 gallons) capacity
  • Powerful motor
  • Heavy duty stones

Stone Quality



Customers’ Reviews & Conclusion

The main thing to take away from the Premier Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder is that it is very compact and noise reducing. If saving the kitchen table top counter space or saving the cabinet space was the customer’s main aim, then this grinder perfectly matched their needs and got positive reviews. Furthermore, the noise reduction was also appreciated by customers. Nobody likes loud and noisy kitchen appliances no matter how good or efficient they are, so this grinder is definitely worth the buy if reducing noise is your aim. Along with its design, the customers were very happy with the grinding quality – and why wouldn’t they be, when the grinding motor and stones that come built into the Premier Wonder match perfectly with its slender and smooth body design. It works great as an appliance for any average, small urban kitchen that has less in terms of space, specifically in the kitchen. One issue the consumers did have was that the grinder does not come with a timer provided, but that is hardly an issue with most timer apps that come with smart phones, it is very easy and simple to keep track of how long you’ve been working on the grinding. Other than that the product received mostly positive reviews ranging from 3-4 stars. Definitely a premier customer choice!