In a modern day kitchen, it goes without saying that all the tools needed to cook and prepare food should be there, ready for you to use them. The Compact Table Top Wet Grinder by SS Premier is no exception to that rule. Premier Compact Table Top Wet GrinderAs all other table top wet grinders go, the Premier Compact saves space, while looking elegant enough to fit into any kitchen as a set piece with its stainless steel drum. This wet grinder is perfect for grinding pulses, rice, beans, and other ingredients to make countless of South Indian dishes, such as Dosa, urad, and idli.

With its long lasting technology, Premier Compact really is the best addition to the kitchen, when it comes to grinding ingredients needed to create a variety of foods. The biggest problem when it comes to grinding a large batch of ground paste is that you have to do it in multiple trials instead of just one go because most grinders don’t have much liquid containing capacity in them, however the Premier compact, resolves this issue. That problem is almost nonexistent for SS Premier’s Compact Wet Grinder, as it has a very space efficient design.

Extra Capacity

Despite Premier Compact Table Top Wet Grinderthe Premier Compact being ultimately minimal in its occupancy of space on kitchen counters, that doesn’t mean it is by any means a small product. Though it is designed to fit snuggly with the rest of your kitchen appliances, the Wet Grinder is also designed to grind a large mass of ingredients in its stainless steel drum. The efficiency of the rate at which the product can grind ingredients is comparable to restaurants and the numbers they meet in grinding ingredients. This makes the Premier Compact Table Top Wet Grinder, not only and appliance that makes the task of grinding so much easier, but it also increases the amount at which it grinds, while not occupying too much space.

Double Reduction Gear Drive System

ExaminingPremier Compact Table Top Wet Grinder the technology that is put into products by SS Premier in the kitchen line is impressive, and the Compact Table Top Wet Grinder is no exception. Many other wet grinders rely on a belt only drive machine, which does not last very long and deteriorates over time and use, to get the task done; SS Premier’s Table Top Wet Grinder uses as double reduction gear drive system to grind its ingredients. Not only does it make more better grinding, but it lasts far longer than the belt only drive machines. And throughout its long life span of many years, it does not reduce in performance or deteriorate. The Wet Grinder is as efficient as it was when you first bought it.


  • Very spacious for its size and quantity of grinding.
  • Relatively quick grinding of large quantities.
  • Incredibly easy to clean out due to the removable stone base.
  • Long lasting and cheap compared to comparable wet grinders in the market.
  • Great customer support, ready to fix grievances on the dime.

Stone Quality



Customer’s Reviews & Conclusion

The customers find the space of the barrel very impressive; they say it is very spacious for its size and can grind large quantities of ingredients. The table top grinder has a double reduction technology that makes for more efficient grinding and last years longer than the belt only drive machines. And the customer service excels intaking care of issues the customer might face from using the wet grinders and replaces parts when needed. The customers also love how the comparatively low price of this wet grinder pairs well with the long lasting lifespan of it, giving the consumer the most bang for the buck.

All of these selling points, plus more mentioned above, are some of the reasons why Premier Compact Table Top Wet Grinder is a great addition to any kitchen. Some customers in the reviews did complain about how fragile the parts and components of this grinder were and that it was a nuisance having to take extra care of them, but this is where the Premier product replacement warranty comes in, making the parts very easy to repair. This ease of replacement paired with the great customer makes this product a definite customer favorite.