In this age of technology, people are becoming increasingly busy in their lives and commitments and therefore most people are relying on home based products and even services to cater to their everyday needs. At the same time, physical appearances are becoming a vital part of one’s personality and most people make sure they are well groomed – whether they are in a personal or professional environment. Body hair is seen as undesirable and most people end up spending exorbitant amounts of money on getting laser treatments at salons for permanent hair removal. This is quite expensive and requires various visits to the salon, which is difficult in this fast-paced life.

Other options for hair removal that are most commonly used are either to shave, or get waxing done, both of which are temporary hair removal techniques. Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System comes as a lifesaver for all those looking for permanent hair removal solutions in the comfort of their homes, without having to spend a fortune rushing to salons for laser treatments every fortnight.

DIY Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

The main key feature of the Philips Lumea Comfort IPL is that prevents hair re-growth up to 75% in as less as four treatments when used bi-weekly. It is a DIY (Do-It- Yourself) system and uses the Intense Pulsed Light technology. Cosmetic and medical practitioners use this to perform various skin treatments, for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. It caters to different skin tones and kills hair growth at the root

This device is specially developed by dermatologists to give the best results on light to medium skin tones and on naturally dark blonde, brown, and black hair. The IPL technology leaves the skin softer and smoother.

Users can set the intensity on the device as per their own preferences and pain threshold. There are no hidden costs in using IPL technology. The safety of this device and treatment has been certified by the FDA, and proven and tested on over two thousand women. It is a long-term investment; the device gives 100,000 flashes of light in its lifetime that removes hair and inhibits re-growth of hair.


Light energy

Skin Tone/Hair Color Coverage

Bulb Lifespan


Do-It-Yourself Device

Phillips is a world-renowned brand name which is highly trusted and is considered reliable in household products as well as for electronic devices. This hand held device is easy and convenient to use and comes with a rechargeable battery. It is a cheaper alternative to other permanent hair removal methods, like laser technology and saves time from salon visits. With this DIY device, the treatment is done at one’s own comfort and convenience.

The device is compact and can be carried around for travelling. It is the ideal device to use on small, hard to reach areas and safe to use on variety of body areas such as legs, belly, bikini and the underarms. The main factor is to continue repeating the process, for not only inhibiting hair growth, but also for smooth and silky skin, great for those who are sensitive to waxing or shaving. The battery needs to be charged before use, and skin should ideally have no hair growth when the treatment is started. The device is not as effective on dark skin as it is on lighter skin tones, but the detector adjusts itself accordingly to give the best result possible.

Philips Lumea Comfort comes with complete user instructions, so that even beginners can start doing their treatments whenever they like. However, it cannot be used forty-eight hours after a sun bathing session. The device is designed so that the flash button only works when the treatment surface is in full contact with the skin, thus you do not need to worry about accidentally hurting yourself.


  • It is a convenient, hand held device
  • Includes 24V adapter
  • Has quick start guide and a user manual
  • Integrated UV filter protects skin from UV light and damage
  • Skin Tone Sensor: Detects the skin tone
  • Five adjustable light energy settings for different skin types
  • Slide and flash mode for continuous application
  • No replacement parts needed
  • Six years of full body treatments
  • Sixty day money-back guarantee to customers
  • Full two-year warranty
  • Product Dimensions: 4.9 x 1.8 x 3.1 inches
  • Device weight: 1 pound
  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Built-in safety feature for eye protection

Consumers’ Reviews and Conclusion

To conclude, after weighing the pros and the cons of the Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System, it can be said that this device is potentially the best bet for those who cannot deal with frequent shaving, waxing and in grown hair on their bodies. It is for those people who are looking for silky and smooth skin solutions which are trusted by dermatologists.

Phillips is a household name and trusted not to compromise on their quality; this product is safe to use, clinically tested and FDA approved. Although it can be argued that the outcome for some skin tones are not as effective as for other skin tones, but the long term results do inhibit hair growth. This is the main feature of this product and there is no other method of permanently reducing hair growth from the roots at home, apart from this IPL technology that this product is offering.

Prior to using this product, shaving off the hair from the body is required. However, with the continuous use of this product, the hair growth on the body is lightened and becomes minimal. Users felt that the required usage of the product eventually falls from bi-monthly to bi-annually eventually.

Consumers appreciated that it is a relatively painless alternative to hair removal techniques which removes hair without injuring or creating a rash, especially for sensitive skin types. The device is by no means pain free but most people after using this product feel that the pain is not as severe as getting the waxing done and at the end of the day, the satisfaction of having a lighter and infrequent hair growth outweighs all the cons.

Proper usage tips and care guidelines are mentioned very clearly on the user manual that accompanies this product. The product has a high customer rating and is priced very fairly in comparison to its competitors which make it the best buy at-home IPL hair removal system. Overall, this product is very handy and user-friendly device which is a must have for all those looking to invest in a grooming product which is safe to use and delivers professional results.