Massage chairs are a great way of relaxing and unwinding especially after coming home from a long day at work. Mr-Direct Full Body Shiatsu Massage ChairThe purpose of a massage chair is to emulate the technique of a real masseuse and thus relieve the person of all types of tension, stress and of course, to alleviate back pain. Mr-Direct massage chair can really benefit those who want to not only use it for relaxing but for also to soothe aching muscles, relieving headaches, improving digestion, stimulating circulation, increasing mobility and flexibility, balancing mental and emotional wellbeing and also for controlling depression.

Mr-Direct Shiatsu massage chairs are focused on releasing stress or tension from a specific location or part of the body. The movements that it focuses on is usually pressing, sweeping, rolling, patting as well as rotating. Mr-Direct shiatsu massage chair will obviously not perform the strokes that a human touch can, but it is quite close to providing similar comfort and most importantly, since it can be purchased and kept at home, the chair is accessible at all times without having to spend an arm and a leg for the per visit charges for the therapist.

Unique Programs

This is a great looking and extremely comfortable massage chair that is safe and easy to use. It is equipped with some great features but most importantly, the best part about this chair is its massage programs which the user can choose from. It has four different types of massage programs, which are:

  1. Recovery Program
  2. Relax Program
  3. Extend Program and
  4. Refresh Program

Mr-Direct Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Remote ControllYou can choose which ever type of massage you are comfortable with as each one of these are designed for your unique needs. The plus point with this is that, the chair is equipped with the option to choose the level of intensity of the massages and so you can choose whether you want something really strong or something light and gentle. It is best not to go for a strong massage if you are using it for the first time, it is better to start with something gentle and eventually take it from there. The light and gentle massage is great if you want to just relax after a long day at work. There is flexible roller system on the chair which conforms according to the shape of your back and it is able to touch all your areas.

Eight Massage Functions

One of the great features of this massage chair that makes it stand apart is its eight unique functions that helps to contribute towards the wellbeing and relaxation.

  1. Flapping: It is a deep tissue massage which has roots in Eastern practices and helps to stimulate blood circulation and reduce muscles aches and pains to name a few.
  2. Rolling: It is to target the stress points in the neck, the rollers move in up and down motion over the back.
  3. Kneading: This massage focuses on neck and shoulders muscles.
  4. Chop Action Tapping: This aims to loosen stiff muscles by mimicking the tapping of a hand on your back.
  5. Compression: This is to enhance the flow of the blood and strengthen the muscles beneath the skin.
  6. Percussion: This acts as an energy booster to remove fatigue from the muscles, thanks to modern technology.
  7. Shiatsu: This uses rollers for deep relaxing of muscle tissues.
  8. Vibration: This helps to remove impurities from the blood and create a better flow.

Additional Features

Mr-Direct massage chair is quite big and large enough to accommodate a person who is tall in height very easily. Mr-Direct Full Body Shiatsu Massage ChairThe chair has an extremely effective power vibration motor as well as air pressure which delivers a powerful yet relaxing massage for the buttocks area. Moreover, the chair boosts around 30 air bags that are incorporated with intelligent roller system and built in heat that helps to soothe your back with a relaxing and a comfortable heat, while at the same time the rollers press your back to loosen tight muscles. Furthermore, the chair is completely automatic and it can raise as well as lower the back rest and also the leg or the foot ottoman with just a single push of a button. There is an easy to use control panel, through which the user can conveniently control everything.

Massage Quality

Customization Options




  • One year warranty
  • Multiple levels on intensity of massages from strong to weak
  • Adjustable air massage
  • Fully automatic chair
  • Color: Black
  • Shipping weight: 300 pounds
  • Covers all areas – from neck to feet
  • Added neck massage feature
  • 30 airbags

Customer’s Reviews and Conclusion

Mr-Direct Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Zero GravityTo conclude, this is a great massage chair with exceptional features of massage and techniques. Not only is it large enough to accommodate almost every one, its features and performance are remarkable. Mr-Direct chair comes with video instructions on how to use it, so safety can be maintained. Moreover since it is pretty easy to set up, it doesn’t take up too much time. It is however, quite heavy and bulky in weight and size, weighing almost 300 lbs! Still, most customers who have purchased this chair are full of praises for this chair for its performance, user friendliness and its features.

Most users have given it this chair a four to five star rating on average since it is so durable and commented on how they are using the chair not only for their spine or neck problems, but also just for relaxation as well. This is obviously cheaper alternative to getting masseuse as not everyone can afford it, plus the chair is always available and just a onetime cost to incur.

Priced so competitively as compared to other similar brands, this chair is definitely a steal as you cannot find a chair which has heat and full-fledged massage features from the head to the toes with a backrest and a footrest at such an economical price.