Who doesn’t like a day of pampering with a nice long time at a salon or spa and getting a good personalized full body massage? For most people it’s a dream they keep looking forward to. However, as we all know, massage parlors and spas tend to be expensive and not all of us can afford to spend a pretty penny on such expensive services day in and out. This where the convenience of the massage chairs comes in!

If you do proper research into the exact specific needs of your body, you can invest your money into a premium massage chair that will pay you back 10 times over in terms of the excellent quality of massage service it will provide you with.

Thorough Body Coverage Massage Technology

The INADA DreamWave Massage Chair has a great edge over the other massage chair products available in the market by offering a really wide body massage coverage compared to other massage chairs. The total area that the DreamWave Massage Chair covers is around 1200 sq inches, which is one of the largest massage area coverages presented by any massage chair in recent years. What this means is that you can lie back and enjoy a good stimulation in multiple parts of your body without having to adjust your body too much to focus on specific areas on the chair.INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

Furthermore, the DreamWave comes with a smart body sensor that scans your body to determine exactly what kind of body type you have and tailors the massage according to your particular body type. The smart sensor scan can also quite efficiently locate all your important pressure points on your body and target them by focusing the massage waves in the direction of that particular area on your body.

These massage vibrations and movements given off by the chair are as good as actual massage therapy professionals. They mimic that human quality of massage so well that you will barely feel any difference in terms of massage quality when using this chair for yourself. The smart scan also tailors the massage for younger people who want to use the chair by turning the vibrations into a gentler mode by easing down into it.

Customized Sensor Massage

One of the most effective ways to tackle a full body massage in to locate an individual’s specific pressure points that are scattered all over their body. Massage professionals and massage therapists with years of experience can easily do this using their knowledge and experience to locate a client’s individual pressure points, but this is more difficult for massage chairs and other massage electronic products.

Since every individual varies from one another and every person has their own specific massage points on their body, it can be hard for a machine or a massage chair to detect these particular points and target them for a massage. This is where the INADA is a game changer in the true sense of the word. The DreamWave has a special optical sensor system that scans the body of a person and figures out where their individual pressure points are. After determining the pressure points in all the major muscle groups of a person, it targets those areas specifically with its vibrations.

The best part about the INADA DreamWave Massage Chair that also sets it apart from others of its kind is that it has a unique memory that records all these scans. What this means is that whenever the DreamWave detects the same kind of body type it has scanned before, it digs up all the records of your past massage combos catered specifically to your body type. You can then choose from these combos to create your own unique massage with great ease.

Massage Quality

Customization Options



Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

This is one of the rare few massage chairs in the market currently that has received remarkably positive reviews by the customers overall. Most of the positives mentioned by the customers talk about the unique built in massage programs and combos that this chair offers that they can easily choose from.

The customized sensor massage feature also makes them feel like they get a very personalized experience out of the INADA DreamWave Massage Chair unlike any other. The negative comments talk about the heavy and bulky size of the massage chair. They also mention that the curved design of the chair is uncomfortable for some of them to use.

Lastly, they’ve also critiqued the placement of the remote control of the chair which is located on the side of the chair instead of inside the arm res. This makes it difficult to reach for the remote sometimes and makes accessibility a bit of an issue. These are, however, minor issues that can easily be improved with a few upgrades in the later versions.

INADA DreamWave Massage Chair has a great many features that make it one of the premium massage chairs available in the market today. The advanced technology and thoughtfulness that went into the INADA really shows in its many different functions that are suited for each and every individual. From kneading, using knuckles, flat palm movements, and tapping movement, this massage chair gives a wide variety of functionality for anyone, and they are able to adjust it perfectly for themselves.

The comments from those who bought the product reflect the sentiment, and DreamWave has successfully delivered to those who sought their product. So if you are suffering from stress that requires regular massaging, but have very specific taste in how you receive it, skip the massage parlor and get the INADA DreamWave, as it will deliver the personalized experience you deserve from a Massage Chair.