It is important to stay calm and relax after a hard day’s work. You can facilitate this by buying the ideal massage – shiatsu massage chair.ideal massage Shiatsu Massage Chair with Deep Tissue Massage

After buying this, you no longer will have to go sit on your uncomfortable lounge chair. Instead, you will sit on a chair that relieves all your day’s accumulated stress and fatigue. This massage chair can make you feel new, and overall even make you feel a little healthier. By the end of this review you’ll be able to decide if the shiatsu massage chair from ideal massage is the perfect massage chair for you

The Deep Tissue Massage

The nice ergonomic design will make you feel incredibly comfortable and you’ll completely forget about your old chair. After sitting on the massage chair you won’t want to sit on any of the other seats on your house!ideal massage Deep Tissue Massage

The process of one single massage lasts about 30 minutes. You can, of course, stop whenever you want to and spend as long as you want on the chair. The only problem here would be that you would want to spend your whole day on the chair and not leave at all.

There are a variety of massage options:

  • The Shiatsu option uses power rollers to mimic a masseuse and works to take away the ache and fatigue from your muscles,
  • The Kneading option works to remove your muscle pain and knots,
  • The Rolling option uses actuators to make it seem like a masseuse’s fingers are rubbing your back.

The automatic mode allows you to utilize the chair’s multi-functionality and have a massage that is a mix of all the 3 modes. You also have the option to manually choose the massage that you want by having the option to choose the intensity, speed and which airbags you want to work. Very few massage chairs give you this level of customization for you massage.ideal massage remote control

The zero gravity mode has been made affordable and accessible with the ideal massage shiatsu massage chair; before it was released, only the high-end massage chairs had the zero gravity mode so only the extremely wealthy and more affluent people could afford it. But now those days are gone because this chair is so affordable that anyone looking for a massage chair with a zero gravity mode can purchase this.

The zero gravity mode works by reclining the person sitting on the chair at a particular angle and also spreading their weight out across more area. This reduces the pressure, especially at this angle, to such an extent that the person sitting on the chair feel like they’re experiencing zero gravity. Since your feet are above your heart in this position this stabilizes blood flow and is known to be quite helpful for people who have blood pressure problems.

The Heating System

The ideal massage chair with deep tissue massage has a lumbar heating system that works to relax your muscles and remove their stiffness. This heating system works to improve blood flow and improves your metabolism. The seat has built-in vibrators that can be quite useful if you’ve spent your whole day sitting.ideal massage 3 Modes of Zero Gravity

Most jobs these days consist of people sitting at desks and this can be quite tiring and stressful for the glutes. People tend to develop aches. If you are facing this problem then the ideal massage chair is what you need because the built-in vibrators along with the airbags work to dilate your blood vessels and encourage more effective blood flow. This deals with the problem that causes these aches in the first place and is, hence, the most efficient (and relaxing) way to deal with this problem.

The seat is designed in such a way that it can accommodate people of almost all heights and weights. The seat has areas built specifically for your neck, shoulders, arms and feet and has strategically placed airbags that target certain muscles and areas of your body where the vibrations and airwaves would be most effective.

The control panel is attached to the seat and you can choose the modes that you want by simply pressing the buttons for each mode. You can learn how to set a custom made massage for yourself by reading that manual. The good thing about the ideal shiatsu massage chair is that it’s quite cheap and to compare it to the more high-end in terms of value per unit currency would be quite unfair.

Massage Quality

Customization Options




  • Operating Voltage: AC 120v, 60hz
  • Power consumption: 20-230W
  • Motor: 4 powerful motors and 2 air pumps
  • Weight: 200lbs
  • Dimensions while upright: 33” wide x 49” high x 53” deep
  • Dimensions while reclining: 33” wide x 31” high x 68” deep
  • Available colors: black, brown, beige and red
  • Accessories: built-in vibration, lumbar heating system, remote control holder, wheels
  • Heating: yes
  • Zero gravity mode: yes

Customer’s Reviews and Conclusion

The ideal massage chair gives you all the features you could want in a massage chair at an extremely low price. The design does not support the head well, but you can easily grab something soft like a cushion and remedy this problem. This chair massages every part of your body and reaches all the pressure points.

The massage provides many mental and physical health benefits. The massage allows users to zone out of their mind routine and soothes their nerves. Some customers compared the experience to meditation and yoga. It is a proven fact that regular massages of the body and the pressure points promote blood circulation, cognitive performance, metabolism, and cardiovascular functions.

On top of that the company also will refund the whole chair in 10 days if it’s not adequate and there is also a 3 year warranty to go with it. So if rest and relaxation is what you’ve been looking for then the ideal massage – shiatsu massage chair is what you should spend your money on.