Are you tired of coming home and sitting on your boring old chair or sofa? Is it difficult to take out time to schedule, book, and travel to professional masseurs? Then perhaps the Human Touch Novo XT massage chair is for you.

This is a great investment if you want a high-end massage chair. It is one of the best massage chairs currently available in the market. Novo XT has all the features that a massage chair could have. It is not only a great device to own as a luxury item, but in fact has various health benefits. By the end of this review you’ll know about all its features and be able to decide if this is the perfect massage chair for you.

L-Track Unibody Design

The Human Touch Novo XT massage chair with 3D L-Track Massage System has a very unique design that can’t be found in any of the massage chairs currently available on the market. The aptly named L-Track unibody design covers more than 60% of the body than any other massage chairs. This design allows the chair to be very close to your neck, back, buttocks, and thighs which therefore allows a closer and effective massage experience.Human Touch Novo XT L-Track

You have 34 different programs to choose from including fully body immersion and deep tissue treatment. Not only that, but you also have a variety of recovery programs. The bend and stretch feature allows the machine to use a series of techniques that relieve your back ache by improving circulation to the vertebra and the discs. This can be great if you have chronic back ache or just tend to have back pain every now and then as it is an effective way to treat this problem.

The zero gravity feature spreads you weight across a large area, reducing the pressure and hence making you feel like you’re floating. In this position your feet are above your heart and this can be good for your heart. This can be great if you tend to have high blood pressure as it can stabilize it. It can be a great solution to a stressful day.

The space saving technology means that the chair only has to be 2 inches away from the wall which is practically a negligible distance in the world of furniture. You should be able to place the Novo XT massage chair practically anywhere in your house. It gives you the option to set the rollers where you need them the most. If you have any area that is aching or sore in particular then you should be able to set the chair to set the rollers for those areas.

Customized Massage Experience

There are built-in Bluetooth speakers on the chair which allow you listen to your favorite music and relax. Nothing can be quite better than a sitting on a massage chair as it takes away all your fatigue and you’re listening to classical music! Other than that, there is also a USB port so that you can also charge your device as you listen to music.Human Touch Novo XT

The lumbar heating system works well to heat key areas of the body. This also improves your blood circulation and also relieves muscle pain, muscle tightening and also cramps. An additional benefit of the heating system is that it makes you sweat which is also good for your body. This customized massage experience is something that is not found a lot in the massage chair market and is unique to high-end chairs like the Novo XT.

After coming home from a long walk or jog and sitting on this chair will give you a massage experience that is unparalleled. The effective foot rollers will work will make quick work of all the fatigue that you have accumulated. With the added benefit of you reclining in the most effective position for your height and weight, the extendable can extend to a multitude of heights.

The HT Novo XT massage chair has air cells placed in critical areas. These are key healing points that are stimulated and also work well to relieve all the built-up stress that your muscles have accumulated throughout the day. The Novo XT handheld remote fits comfortable in your hand.

It boasts an LCD screen that displays all the available options and modes you can access. You can also use the remote to customize your massage experience. Plus, all the information from the sensors you receive will help you to do exactly that, and to help you decide how your massage should be set.

Massage Quality

Customization Options




Upright Chair Dimensions 63″L X 31″W X 43″H
Reclined Dimensions 71″L X 31″W X 38″H
Seat Dimensions 19″ W X 18″ D
Product Weight 294 Lbs
Shipping Box Dimensions 76″L X 36″W X 31″H
Warranty Premium Warranty, 5-Year Limited
Maximum Load Weight 285 lbs
Distance to Wall 2″

Customer’s Reviews and Conclusion

The Novo XT massage chair has a 5 year warranty that will keep you worried free in any situation if you are to break or damage your piece. The price for this chair might be a little high, but with the amount of features it’s worth it. The chair saves space and you can place it wherever you want. The large amount of features tend to get you lost and at times perplexed, but once you figure out how to set each mode and customize your massages then it will feel you’re a god with the amount of flexibility and control you have.

If you finally want some relief from your muscle aches, want to get rid of your back pains, improve your circulation, or just simply relax, then you should certainly consider purchasing this massage chair.