Does your water taste weird? Is your current water purifying system inefficient and just doesn’t seem to get the job done? Does your water purifying system waste more water than it purifies, increasing chances of it flooding the area? Are you worried that the current state of water will deteriorate your health?

Well, we may have a solution for you. The Home Master Artesian Full Contact System is an innovative and efficient water purifier that has qualities that set it apart from your regular water purifying systems which cause more problems than solution. The details of the Home Master Artesian Full Contact System have been highlighted in this article to help you understand the features of this product that make it worth its price and provide quality service.

With the advancement in technology, RO (reverse osmosis) systems have become popular as a mean to purify water. Long gone are the times of the canister reverse osmosis systems. Introducing the Home Master Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis System that will solve your daily water purifying needs. The need for pure water has become evident and necessary as less than 1% of the Earth’s water is fresh enough to consume and with rising levels of pollution and the lead content increasing in the water and air, toxic-free water is highly important to sustain human life.

Incorporates Advanced Modular Features

One of the biggest problems faced while using a canister reverse osmosis system is that it causes leakage as the filters in the canisters are subjected to wear and tear. Furthermore, the threat of microbes is probable. To avoid this, users must incur a maintenance cost to keep a regular check on it and replace the filter housings or else it might burst and cause a flood in the area it’s kept around.

To avoid this problem, the Home Master filter system employs an advanced modular feature which compacts the filter and filter housing in one single unit, which is changed annually and benefits the consumer with purified water and no stress of leakage. It has a built-in non-electric permeate pump which allows minimum water loss and leakage, making the Home Master Artesian Full Contact a reliable, economical and efficient water purifying system.

The Seven-Stage Filtration System Provides Quality Purified Water

The design of the Home Master is such that it irradiates all forms of external entities that may be harmful to the consumer. It uses a remineralization filter twice to remove the acidic elements of the water that settle in the rubber compartment of the storage tank and may pollute the purified water. It also adds magnesium and calcium minerals, which not just results in safer and better tasting water but also allows it to remove 98 percent of chemicals, including chloramines, lead, cysts, and barium thanks to its seven stages of purification and filtration.

These seven stages ensure that no acidic element is left in the water; rather, the water has a few alkaline properties, which are of no harm to the consumer. With so many checks and balances on your water, you can relax and have a nice and nourishing cup of water, knowing that it is pure and safe to drink.


Filter life

Water Flow Rate

System Efficiency

Product Specifications

  • It has a built-in fast flow to produce and process a larger amount of purified water (up to 50%) than the canister reverse osmosis system, easing domestic use.
  • It is easy to set up and use without the help of an expert.
  • The Master Artesian uses all-in-one filters with push-in fittings which are long lasting and easily removable. This relieves the stress that usually incurs when using a canister system, as external microbial entities may seal the filter, hosing in the canister shut.
  • It produces up to 80% reduced water wastage.
  • It has a limited five-year warranty.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

The Home Master Artesian Full Contact mostly has positive reviews with customers calling it the best system ever, while others commended it for its easy installation and great water taste. It has also been complimented for its compact size, noise-free operating system, and 1:1 waste water ratio i.e. less wastage of water. Customer service is also a huge positive for this system, as the aftersales services are swift and highly helpful, aiding and fixing the problem if any occurs. All in all, the brand lives up to its reputation and name.

The Home Master Artesian allows you to enjoy life by providing you purified water. With the rise of pollutants present in the air around us along with the lead content, purified water is one step closer to a healthier and safer lifestyle. It minimizes water loss and has superior performance than the canister reverse osmosis system. Its built-in quality features and ease of use allow you to sit back and relax due to no worries about leakages as well as checks and balances which ensure your water tastes pure and is not a hazard to your life.

That being said, the price of the Home Master Reverse Osmosis System is definitely on the higher end, though nothing is more valuable than your health and pure water is a necessity to sustain life. This quality product is the best under-sink water filtration system and a one-time investment to last for years and sustain your life.

The Home Master Artesian Full Contact is definitely a product for you if you care about your health and can believe that water can taste good rather than tasting like lead and other acidic elements. Rid yourself of the constant need to drink bottled water and bid farewell to that extra money you spent on it because now you can save up by installing this water purifying system that can meet your daily needs. Who doesn’t want to start their day with a nourishing, cold, pure glass of water?