Do you wish to listen to music and watch your favorite shows peacefully while traveling? Do you want to insure that your choice of entertainment only brings joy to you? If so, comfortable and high quality headphones are what you need.

Amidst the array of choices available on the market, Sony MDR-1A can be a worthy option. This may be true for those who value comfort and quality.Sony MDR-1A

This product is the latest version of MDR-1R which was also lauded for being comfortable. These headphones take such a value up a notch by adding changes to design; which insures that the headphones conform to your head better. Such an addition to value is backed up by excellent features which allow this product to uphold the legacy of Sony of providing premium quality, customer-driven products.

What you get in the box?

At a price of $300 (check latest price), this 225-gram weighing product is extremely lightweight. Such a feature insures the portability of the product. In the box, not only do you get high quality headphones, but you are also provided with a few accessories.

Accessories include two cables of standard length, which are 1.2 meters long. One of these cables is equipped with one-button inline remote and a microphone. While this cable is made for Android phones, it tends to be compatible with iPhones as well. However, if you are an iPhone user, be warned that the cable has limited capacity and does not offer the feature of controlling volume via the product. Moreover, if you are an Android user, then a free app, by the name of SmartKey, can help you customize the button controls.

A carrying pouch also accompanies the product, further adding on to the convenience feature of the headphones.

While optional higher end cables are not included in the package, they can be separately bought if you want to equip the headphones with a product which has the highest sound quality.

Build quality

Sound quality





Sony is known for its eye to detail. This product successfully exhibits such a quality. While being a simple headphones frame, the design of the structure insures that you have a comfortable and memorable experience.

Robustness marks the construction of the product. Moreover, those of you who wish for your products to be esthetically pleasing will be satisfied with the exterior of the product. The headphones are available in black with highlights of metallic red and in silver with highlights of brown. Both of these combinations allow this product to be simple yet classy from the outside.SONY MDR-1A

The design of MDR-1A is such that the earpads can lay on a flat position, thereby making it easier to carry. The headbands of the product insure that you are provided with well-fitted headphones regardless of your head size.

On the inside, the earpads are accompanied by 40mm drivers which can easily be seen through the speaker cloth. The connection portal for the cables is located on the left earcup and succeeds in delivering high quality audio with consistency.

Furthermore, the product is marked by a smooth finish and a shape which is angled slightly to make sure that the headphones can be placed better on your head. The headphones also include soft padding and cushions so as to insure that users are provided with the most comfortable experience one could ask for.

This product is starkly different from its predecessor in terms of design. Such design changes include rotation of earcups in the opposite direction. Moreover, the smaller design of the product than the predecessor makes it more convenient to use.


The performance of this product is excellent. The sound quality is marked by clarity and lack of distortion which is something every user wishes for.

While the dynamic range of the headphones is exemplary, the intricate balance of bass, midrange and treble is what allows this product to stand out amongst an array of competing products. Not only is it marked by smooth performance, but its stereo soundstage is spacious enough to satisfy its users.

Such an effort to make sure that the audio is relayed to you in its original form makes this product a likely choice for audiophiles who wish to be provided with accurate sound. Moreover, its never-ending features which insure comfort make this product apt for long usage sessions.

If you have been a user of MDR-1R, you will see a difference in the quality. However, this difference is for the betterment since this product succeeds in providing clearer audio, whether it is bass or treble. While the low bass for the previous model was thicker and of lower quality, this product features sharper focus on vocals and guitars.


All in all, Sony MDR-1A succeeds in delivering exceptional value at a reasonable price. While it may be dubbed a premium product, its value-added features more than justify the price charged. For this reason, the price of the product has not been a major drawback for the users. Customers have instead lauded the product for its array of features and convenience that it succeeds in providing.

It is hard to find headphones who take care of various customer needs as this product does. Be it is esthetic appeal, comfort, convenience, or desire for high quality; this product pays heed to all of the customer desires, and for this reason, it is considered to be a likely choice of the masses.

While at the end of the day, it comes down to your individual taste and preference; it is assured that If you are looking for a product which is marked by excellent quality, then Sony MDR-1A is the best choice for you. Therefore, if you are willing to invest a little more money than usual, you should do so in this product so as to insure that your investment is worth it and reaps benefits.

Buy MDR-1A. Provide your ears the best audio you can. Make a wise decision, and you will not be disappointed. Allow this product to fill your ears with beautiful melodies.