The Bose SoundSport Pulse headphones are a bit on the bigger side of earphones that are designed to be worn during exercise or sports. These are almost 30% larger than regular sports headphones. It is true that the headphones come packed with technology and thus small parts here and there but when the box arrives, and you open it, it is a kind that looks out of place.

The earbuds are of an average size along with a squishy kind of rubber mold that is designed to slide into the ears and fit comfortably. The rubber buds are for canceling the noise from the outside and fit perfectly inside the ear. In addition to this, there is an assortment of earbuds of different sizes in the box so that it can be changed whenever needed.

The biggest problem in the headphones is the body of the buds. Its massive size has become a nuisance for the user as it is very thick and sticks out of the ears in a weird manner. To top it all, it is not very comfortable to wear too.

The size is not only an annoyance but a hindrance during use too. When the wearer works out for an extended period of time, the sweat combined with the gravity, due to the heavy weight of the earbuds, makes the earbuds slip out every so often and need readjustments frequently. When the headphones lose contact with skin, the sensor notifies the user of it and tells them to readjust the earbuds.

It could be said that the Jabra Sport Pulse is a great deal, more agreeable, and less ungainly fit than the Bose, and may be more qualified for running or exercising.

As far as features in headphones go, plenty of modes is not that big of a surprise. You get music and heart rate detecting – nothing more and nothing less.

When comparing Bose with Jabra, the Jabra Pulse tracks cadence through an integrated accelerometer, and has a noteworthy app which offers multisport modes and guided exercises. However, there is nothing of that kind here in the Bose headphones. They do not come with any sort of partner app. While you should download the Bose application, once matched the earphones will show up as an external sensor, which ought to be usable by your favored exercise app. They can work with any exercise app available.

One of the features that are mentionable here about the headphones by Bose is its mike and in-line controls. These components are situated right below the right ear meaning that you get easier access to pause or play music, receive calls, speak without the use of your hand, and adjust volume according to your needs, all with your headset. Moreover, you can skip music by forwarding and reversing songs by tapping the button three times.

Build quality

Sound quality




HR accuracy

As the Bose SoundSport Pulse is intended to work with your current apps, there is not much to do except to study its accuracy. Bose has chosen to utilize Valencell’s sensor tech, so it originates from good stock. Indeed, it is the same optical sensor that the Jabra Sport Pulse uses, so the two should not be too far separated regarding precision.

All things considered, the Bose offered incredible accuracy across a chest strap. Its standard heart rate perusing over a five-mile run matched a chest strap to two beats per minute, and all the more stunningly, recorded a similar pinnacle of 190bpm amid some short sprints.

On two other runs, the Bose SoundSport Pulse was inside 5bpm of our favored running watch the TomTom Spark 3. Nevertheless, there were minor issues, and in one run these headphones took around five minutes to start working.

During Jabra Sport Pulse testing, no problems regarding data outage were found. Even though the technology in both devices is the same, Bose needed to work on its algorithm a little more as it is not as robust as the other brand. The over-the-air software could be a good option for better working if you are looking to fix the minor issues present. However, those who are searching for reliable data should keep this in their mind.

Audio & battery

Bose promises to provide the best quality sound with all its devices as the best sound is the key strength and it is great to see that through SoundSport Pulse the promise has been kept. When compared to a set of biometric earphones, these headphones has, without doubt, the best audio from the mix.

The headphones have amazing bass and mid-range details that you can, without much of a trouble, use on the drive and when working out. This might explain the large earbuds.

Another one of the impressive features that Bose SoundSport has is the long battery life. The SoundSport Pulse has up to six-hour music playback which is highly impressive. Moreover, with even 15 minutes of charging through the micro-USB port, it has enough juice to work for a while. Compared to the Jabra Sport Pulse, it is an extraordinary improvement because the Jabra Sport Pulse has got battery issues as it continuously runs out of battery.


All in all, the Bose SoundSport Pulse are nice headphones to buy and use. Their large earbud size could be awkward, but the headphones have some very impressive features like the Bose’s signature audio quality that remains as good as any other Bose device. Its battery is better than its competitors which comes in handy when you are running out for a long time, or you do not have a chance to charge it properly before the exercise. The earphones have the data outage problem but can be fixed by downloading software. Moreover, it offers incredible accuracy for the chest strap too.