Sometimes, you need headphones that are a cut above the rest. Professional headphones are not just for music producers; they are also a great option for people who just want to listen to some great music. This product is a great example of studio headphones that are accessible to the public. If sound quality is what you are after, you can’t get anything better than an ATH-M50x. The headphones review provided below would help you understand why this product is so fantastic and why it deserves to be bought.


In contrast to the sleek and modern designs that we see in headphones these days, this product has a design that is distinctly retro. Whether or not this was a conscious decision made to set these headphones apart from the pack, the look really works. The wiry, thin design is a thing of beauty because it harks back to a time when music was exciting and innovations were common, yet it does not lose any of the sleek appeal that modern headphones tend to have. All in all, these headphones are a glorious marriage of both the old and the new.


As you might have already guessed, the performance of this product is truly outstanding. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x offer a level of quality in their audio output that is far beyond anything you would have experienced before, and the great thing about this sound quality is that it has not been unnecessarily altered in order to conform to modern music tastes. Instead, these headphones are designed to provide a natural sound. Since they are nice and stylish, they would really boost the look of your home by providing you with an excellent design to go with.

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    • Design: The retro design is really something. It comes at you from an angle that you would not expect, and this can be a huge boon for studio owners since the look of the studio is just as important as every other aspect of it. You can use these headphones as a way to entice potential customers since they would see the retro look and automatically get a feeling that the place they are currently in has everything going for it. First impressions count after all, so if you are running a studio of your own, you need to keep things like this in mind.
    • Sound quality: When you listen to playback on these headphones, pretty much every single aspect of the song would be apparent to you. It is not going to take you much time to get into the groove of things and start to come up with ideas. The natural sound of ATH-M50x is particularly useful when it comes to recording music because it would help you understand how to properly tackle the song in question. Each song needs its own vibe, and these headphones can help you catch this vibe and make it your own.
    • Price: It is safe to say that you would not be able to get such a fantastic audio listening solution on such a tight budget anywhere else. This product offers an incredible sound quality that you might assume it to be ridiculously expensive, but in truth, the opposite is the case. This product is quite affordable and while it may not be the sort of thing that you would want to rely on when it comes to music production, it is certainly a great tool to add to your arsenal. Alternatively, if you are trying to set up a little home studio and don’t have a huge budget, these headphones can serve as an excellent starting point since they offer excellent sound quality at a low price. Additionally, the affordable price tag means that you can buy these headphones even if your goal is just to have a good time listening to high-quality music.


  • Durability: The low price point does not come without reason. This is not a product that you can use heavily and expect it to last. It is rather fragile and if you are not careful, you might end up breaking up it not long after you buy it. The fragility of this product comes from the fact that low-quality materials have been used on the exterior. Exceptional sound quality comes at a price, so in order to keep this product affordable, the company had to cut costs somewhere. You should keep in mind that when you get this product, you will have to treat it with extreme caution if you want to keep enjoying its superior audio output.
  • Comfort: One rather disappointing aspect of this product is comfort. Long studio sessions would require headphones that have a certain level of comfort. Unfortunately, when you use this product for an extended duration, your ears are going to hurt. This is mostly because of the fact that each headphone has been shaped rather oddly. While this shape is conducive to providing the best possible sound, it can get rather uncomfortable if you don’t give your ears regular breaks. As with everything, sound quality comes with some give and take. In this case, if you want superior sound quality, you are going to have to sacrifice comfort in order to get it. The choice is up to you.


With these headphones, one thing is for sure: you are not going to get better sound quality anywhere else. When you factor in the fact that these headphones are quite affordable, you would realize that you have quite a bargain on your hands, which you should try your best not to miss out on. Comfort and durability are certainly going to be issues, but the benefits that you are going to get when you use this product far outstrip any potential drawbacks that you may have to deal with. The final verdict is that you should definitely check out this product.