Cooking in the kitchen can be very messy, and usually does end up leaving a huge mess that needs to be cleaned, making the fun of cooking food and the responsibility of serving others into a huge chore that becomes much more tedious than needs to be. Many wet grinders add to that, as the act of grinding causes accidental spillage of the grinded material on counter tops, that require cleaning. But that is no longer a problem with products like the Elgi Ultra Perfect S, which has found a solution to get past the spillage problem.

The Ultra Perfect S is a two stone table top wet grinder that comes with the inside capacity of 2 liters of ingredients. The thing that sets the Perfect S from other table top wet grinders out there is its very useful and practical easy locking system that prevents accidental opening of the lid during a grinding pulse in session, and keeps your ingredients safe from potential spillage during the grinding process due to the vibrations in the unit. Made from steel and rust free, the Elgi Ultra Perfect S makes for a very strong and long lasting table top wet grinder unit, able to withstand the toughest of situations.

Conical Stone

TheUltra Dura+ conically shaped grinding stones Ultra Perfect S has many special features, but the conical stones are some key features that deserve a separate mention. When keeping the grinding stones in mind for a typical table top wet grinder, conical shaped stones are usually the best when it comes to powerful, non-stop grinding of ingredients. The conically shaped grinding stones make even the toughest food ingredients break down easily with their optimized conical design that pushed and forces ingredients into a tough spot to get out of. They have no possible exit left when pushed into a tight spot so they end up getting ground easily without bouncing around inside the grinder in a wayward manner.

30-Minute Continius Grinding

Another Ultra Perfect S Table Wet Grindernotable feature of the Elgi Ultra Perfect S table wet grinder is its amazing capacity. Among the grinding components of the Perfect S, the grinding motor is designed to be very powerful and very power efficient. The grinding motor of this grinder can run effortlessly on pulse for as long as 30 minutes without much long breaks in between. It can easily endure a 30 minute long run in one go while grinding ingredients and does not heat up or effect the long term motor quality in the least bit. With this powerful functioning and handling of extra load for continuous amounts of time, this motor does not make any sound as expected from other models of similar table top wet grinders. The noise free operation makes it much easier to use for longer periods of time without disturbing the peace of your home and surroundings, and without giving yourself the unnecessary headache that comes with high noise heavy duty table top grinders.


  • Spacious design accommodates more materials
  • Durable shape of the grinder
  • Extra strength conical stones
  • Comes with an Atta Kneader, which helps in making additional food, like bread and chappati.
  • Has a practical and easy locking system that prevents accidental spillage of the grinded material from the machine.
  • Small design makes it compact, easy to carry, and easy to store.

Stone Quality



Customer’s Reviews & Conclusion

The Elgi Ultra Perfect S looks small, but encompasses many features and functions according to its seemingly small stature, as was noted by many customers in reviews. Some reviewers complained that the Perfect S is only suitable for very light grinding tasks, but that is because of its long, cylindrical design; which makes this table top grinder a breeze when it comes to storing inside small cabinets in the kitchen, as it consumes very little space. The light and compact build of it is one of the most favorable aspects of reviewers when they judge the product to, and is one of its highest selling points. So use it only when you have the sporadic and occasional use for grinding ingredients, not for heavy long term use. The steel body on the interior and exterior is a great feature because it helps prevent rust. Overall, a great and affordable buy for efficient and occasional grinding use.