Permanent hair removal is a treatment that many people opt for – some for cosmetic reasons and some for the sake of their profession. The entire hair removing process, whether temporary or permanent, is costly, painful and tedious. Salons charge for hair removal per sitting, and treatments such as Intense Pulse Light treatments are high-tech solutions which can cost a fortune to get done in a salon.

That is why manufacturers decided to bring IPL treatments to consumers in the shape of a hand held device they can use for permanent hair reduction and hair removal at home. Braun claims that not only does the Sonic Exfoliator + Silk Expert aid permanent hair removal, but also helps in reducing hair growth. But are the features as practical and useful as claimed? We tried it to find out!

Handheld IPL with Sonic Body Exfoliator

The design of the Braun Silk IPL BD5009 is similar to that of the IPL 5001. Sleek and easy to use, this device has been shaped in a way that makes it easy to use and hold for prolonged periods of time.

The front of the device, the place that is the source of the Pulse Light is thin and can be easily used on difficult and small hard-to-reach areas. The small light emitting strip is easy to direct to areas of the face such as the chin.

The Intense Pulse Light treatment has been found effective in greatly reducing hair growth and aiding professional quality hair removal. IPL is commonly being used in professional salons; the Braun Silk Expert BD5009 has managed to bring the quality of professional hair removing treatments to the comfort of the user’s home.

Sometimes, there is unwanted hair in odd places. In order to target these odd places and zap them of hair, this slim, light emitting strip comes in handy. A drawback of the slim, IPL strip also means that it becomes rather tedious to target larger areas of the body. Areas such as the legs and back may take longer with such a small device.

To solve that, the glide feature can be used for larger areas. The IPL emitting strip can be used on gliding mode for the larger areas of the body. The glide feature mode lets the device glide smoothly, and at the same time using a high concentration of power to effectively remove hair.

The presence of different modes and features make it a hair removal device that fits the individual’s preference and needs. Other than the glide feature, the device has three other intensity modes for different hair removal needs: normal, gentle, and extra.

The IPL BD 5009 costs much more than the 5001, but simply because this version comes with a full body exfoliator. Benefits of the exfoliator include a significant decrease in hair follicles and ingrown hair. A scrubbing treatment using the sonic exfoliator effectively cleans pores and makes the skin smoother.

SensoAdapt Technology

What attracts buyers to professional salons is the kind of experience they have in gauging different intensity needs for different skin tones. What’s amazing about this device is that the SensoAdapt technology automatically adjust the intensity and requirement using the sensors on the device.

Each part and each area of the body has different requirements; this device gauges the intensity needs and adjusts the device accordingly. The source of power used is a direct connection. The device comes with a cord that can easily be plugged in and used. Though this a benefit for it saves money spent on batteries, a major drawback is the lack of mobility. A cord not only makes it less mobile and difficult to carry around but also inconvenient for travel.

Most consumers have been surprised at how easy it is to use this device at home. One of the best things about the Braun IPL Silk series is how easy to use they’ve made it. There is absolutely no need to buy or use any external gels. You also do not need safety glasses – simply plug in and begin the process!

However, one drawback is that, so far, they have only been able to recommend the device for people with darker hair. This device was found less effective on people with blonde, red, or grey hair.


Light energy

Skin Tone/Hair Color Coverage

Bulb Lifespan



  • Non-stop treatment
  • IPL technology used at professional salons
  • 300,00 flashes
  • Variety of three modes: Normal, Gentle, and Extra
  • SensoAdapt technology
  • Automatic light intensity control
  • Glide Function
  • No need for replacement gels or cartridges
  • Comes with Braun body exfoliator
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Requires direct power source

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

It is a common for most people to prefer going to a professional for consultation and a tailored treatment. However, what we found was that this device, thought a bit on the costlier side, had all the necessary features for a safe and tailored hair removing treatment at home.

This model comes with a sonic body exfoliator which customers find extremely useful. It is popular amongst customers looking to target ingrowths and uneven, rough skin.

Customer feedback has been mainly positive for the claim that the Braun Silk Expert is good for around 300,000 flashes. Users have in turn found that this device lasts around 12-15 years on average.

For a price that might look a bit much at first, it is important to note that it is a long-term investment that can save hundreds of dollars worth of hair removal treatments. This product is an investment worth making and has high value for money because professional salons charge much more for regular waxing and multiple laser hair removal treatments.

For those looking for a version that is cheaper, they can opt for the older model of the Braun IPL hair remover; however, that model does not include the Sonic Body Exfoliator which has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the consumer base.

Easy to use, most buyers found that they did not need to be tech-informed or skilled to use the IPL Silk Expert at home. Buyers have commended the simplicity of the device combined with the effectiveness in reducing hair growth.