Sometimes the best thing to do is just throw caution to the wind and splurge if you want to get the best of the best. This product is a good example of what you stand to gain if you spend good money on a pair of headphones. This is the pinnacle of audio technology, a headset that would give you unparalleled clarity while listening to music, thus making it perfect for professional use in a studio. If you have money to spare, buying it for personal use is also a very good idea because you’d be able to hear all of the intricate details of every song.


Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Gen racks up some major points for style. This is partially thanks to the stylish faux leather strap across it as well as the matte color that gives this product a look that is quite modern but at the same time quite tasteful. There is a sort of elegance to this product that sets it apart and makes it perfect for your everyday use. If you want to set yourself apart by purchasing headphones that would contribute to your aesthetic, these headphones are a must buy!


Considering the fact that you are spending so much money on this product, you would not be remiss in expecting some high-quality sound. You would be glad to hear that this is exactly what you are going to get. Bass is thick and prominent but not overpowering, high end is crisp and clear, and mids are supported to perfection, giving you the most accurate sound possible. This is useful in studio situations because you would need to hear exactly how the music sounds in order to mix it properly.

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  • Style: Perhaps the most enticing aspect of these headphones is the fact that they look so great. Looks are important for a lot of people, and the combination of a smooth matte finish and sleek leather is enough to boost the wardrobe of pretty much anyone. If you are not very fashionably inclined and want an easy fix that would help you look good, these headphones are an affordable and effective way to do so. Of course, headphones are supposed to be a lot more than just a fashion statement, but the fact that you get this is a bonus that makes the product worth buying.
  • Comfort: One aspect of this product that allows it to stand apart is the fact that wearing it is so comfy. With most headphones, having them on for extended periods could end up causing pain in your ears, but with this one, the internal padding is so soft that you would barely notice that you have anything on. Hence, long listening sessions will finally be possible, thus helping you make the most of your purchase when you get this set. In many ways, this is a huge boon for music listeners everywhere!
  • Portability: Another aspect of Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Gen that you are going to love is how portable it is. This is thanks to the fact that this product is made of lightweight materials which are easy to carry around. This also increases the level of comfort you are going to experience while using these headphones. A lighter weight means that you are going to be less likely to experience pressure on your neck while you have the headphones on. This is yet another aspect of this product that is conducive to binge listening.
  • Durability: What is surprising is that in spite of the fact that this product is so lightweight and portable, it is not as fragile as it seems. You are getting your money’s worth because these are some really durable headphones and if you are a heavy music listener, you are certainly going to appreciate this a great deal. This is because repeated, continuous listening is not going to negatively impact this product in any way; instead, it would retain its shape and resist breakage for several years. This makes it the perfect option for people looking for a long-term music listening solution.
  • Sound Quality: We now come to the single greatest thing about this product. When you listen to music on this pair of headphones, you will disappear into the vibrations. It’ll feel like you are traveling to the very studio where the song was recorded! The great thing about the sound quality of these headphones is that it is completely balanced. No end of the spectrum is favored; instead, you get a flat response that would give you the most accurate representation possible of what was mixed in the studio. This is particularly useful for music producers who need to hear balanced audio outputs.


  • Price: Make no mistake, the benefits that you are getting from using these headphones are not going to come cheaply to you. This is a pricey product, so if you want to enjoy this level of sound quality, you should be willing to pay the money required to get it. The steep price means that people looking for a budget headset would be left quite disappointed, so if you do not have the money for a high-end audio solution, avoid this product because it is only for people who have a sizeable budget.


Overall, this is a product that you should consider buying. While the price may be a little steep, it is also important to keep in mind the fact that sometimes quality trumps saving a few bucks. You are going to be able to enjoy music in the purest and most intimate way possible and if you are a music producer, mixing tracks is going to become far easier because you would not have to account for the bias of the headphones that you are using. Comfort and style also come into play, which is why this product costs as much as it does.