Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you come home from work tired, and you’re trying to find comfort in your living room? You’re adjusting the cushions and changing your position, but it just won’t do anything. Are you plagued with waist aches, shoulder pain and or back pain? If this is the case then you should consider rewarding yourself with a massage chair.

Once you have convinced yourself that you have earned such a luxury, you should consider getting the EC-06 Massage Chair. This massage chair has a variety of superior functions and advantages that few other massage chairs have in the market currently.

By the end of this review you’ll have sufficient information to be able to decide if the EC-06 is well suited to your needs.

Chinese Massage Modes

You can relieve your back pain with the variety of massage modes in the EC-06 Massage Chair. The chair is made to imitate the methods Chinese doctors use to massage people. These methods include Shiatsu, Knocking, Kneading and Tapping.

  • Shiatsu consists of applying a small amount of pressure on all the acupunctures except the spine,
  • Tapping consists of light taps on the backs,
  • Kneading consists of pressing and rotation,
  • Knocking mode imitates the sensation of palms tapping against your back.

BestMassage EC-06 Full Body Shiatsu Massage ChairThe EC-06 has 11 sensors and a well-designed software that work together to adjust the different massage modes according to the user’s height and body weight. This ensures maximum comfort. This is one of the reasons why the EC-06 is different from other massage chairs on the market; it has smart user functionality. Another feature that makes this massage chair unique is its arm rests. There are airbags on each arm rest that can massage your arms and wrists with waves of air. You can adjust the intensity of these air waves using the control panel and find yourself the goldilocks zone for your comfort. The electric actuators allow the chair to recline and you can move back as much as you want. You can recline a whole 170 degrees which is flat straight. Conversely, you can also move the leg-rest to compliment the reclining.

The seat and the side-seat can change the air pressure in them. You can make the necessary adjustments and maximize your comfort. There are 8 air bags on the leg rests and 8 airbags on the footrests. Your aching legs and feet would thank you if they could for the amount of comfort you’ll be giving them! The BestMassage EC-06 utilizes heat systems to imitate Chinese heat therapy. This practice is known to improve circulation, immunity and also slow down aging.

An Intelligent System

The control panel has a variety of options and controls to adjust your position and the intensity of the vibrations.BestMassage EC-06

  • One button will start the massage chair and will allow it to adjust to your back.
  • The second button makes the leg rest to go up or down.
  • The third button is an emergency off button that can come in handy if you don’t want to wait for chair’s massage mode to end and get up immediately.
  • The fourth button put the chair into sleeping mode. In sleeping mode the chair will do its best to not disturb your sleep and not move back into sitting position.

You come home tired and you sit on your massage chair; the intelligent roller system first adjusts to the contour of the back because it’s flexible. The rollers have a nice range of motion allowing them to massage you all the way from your neck to your tailbone. The chair massages the tsubo points on your neck. The airbags create air waves that are conducive to blood circulation. The high powered airbags can work to massage the posterior area. The airbags in the leg rests use the airbags to massage your thighs and calves with a squeezing motion. A similar method is used to remove fatigue from the arms. This is practically equivalent to a full body massage. You can enjoy this daily at the comfort of your home and freshen yourself up.

Massage Quality

Customization Options




  • Manafacturer: BestMassage
  • Product model: BM-EC06C
  • Dimensions: 46x33x34”
  • Massage methods: Knocking, Kneading, Tapping and Shiatsu
  • Rated Power: 260W
  • Rated Voltage: 120V
  • Colours: Black, Burgundy and Brown.

Customer’s Reviews and Conclusion

The EC-06 Massage Chair is incredibly cheap compared to other massage chairs which offer similar features so it is available to more people and can get the job done for them. If, however, you haven’t read the manual and change modes too quickly, before letting the mode end then it is possible to damage the motors and actuators. This problem is easily dealt with if you educate yourself on when it is safe to change modes.

Regular use of this massage chair will improve your blood circulation. You can feel uncomfortable if you don’t adjust the intensity of the pressure applied and airwaves, so make sure you play around with the settings and find the right settings for yourself. If you have a back ache then sitting on the EC-06 Massage Chair for about an hour will most probably be enough to greatly reduce the pain and even remove it completely this is because the chair adjusts to your back’s position, supporting your vertebra and the vibration and movement stimulate the muscles which in turn reduces the pain in them.

In conclusion, BestMassage has created a massage chair that is affordable for a large amount of people. No longer will you have to be extravagantly wealthy to be able to afford a massage chair. The EC-06 Massage Chair is not even lacking where it comes to features. The chair provides a full body massage and focuses on the key areas. If you want affordable comfort in your home then you should certainly get one of these chairs for yourself.