When you think of high-end headphones, Beats is a brand that is certainly going to come to mind. This is because this brand has made a name for itself when it comes to sound quality, becoming the headphones of choice for audiophiles around the world. The Beats Studio Wireless is the perfect example of a product that has been built to last and that pulls no punches when it comes to precise, well-balanced sound. But does this product live up to the hype?


The design of this product is highly sleek and minimal which conforms to the postmodern aesthetic that this brand excels in. These are circumaural headphones, which means that they are designed to cover the ear. This provides several advantages in terms of noise reduction. Since this is a wireless headset, the location of the controls would be pivotal to the overall experience you would attain from this product. These controls are on the right earphone. Buttons for volume control as well as LEDs meant to show battery life are present here. Additionally, you have a button that serves as an on/off switch as well as a microUSB charging port.

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One aspect of this product that you would certainly be eager to learn about is its battery life. The battery life for these headphones is quite robust, providing you with up to twelve hours of uninterrupted usage given that the battery has been fully charged. Additionally, the Beats Studio Wireless does not face any problems when it comes to pairing with a variety of devices thanks to the superior remote functionality that has been provided here. Overall, the performance of this product is top notch, although there are a couple of things you might face problems with.


    • Battery life: Thanks to the excellent battery life these headphones provide, you would be able to use them all day long without having to worry about a thing. Twelve hours is a lot of time, and you are obviously not going to have your headphones on constantly. It is more likely that you would use them intermittently throughout the day, in which case a single full charge can get you up to two days of moderate usage or one full day of heavy usage which is phenomenal.
    • Durability: These are some pretty solid headphones. If you are the sort of person who drops things or breaks them easily, Beats Studio Wireless headphones are perfect for you because they have been specifically designed to take a bit of rough treatment. The reinforced plastic may not look like much, but when you pick these headphones up and feel their heft, you will realize that they are not toys. This is a serious piece of tech that offers long-term usage without any chance of breaking down. You would be glad to know that the internal wiring is extremely solid as well and would not burn out with heavy use.
    • Ease of use: One of the major benefits of using this product has to do with the fact that you can store it a lot more easily. Since there is no cable that you would have to deal with, the space these headphones take is far more compact, thus allowing them to be tucked away into spaces that most headphones would never be able to reach. Additionally, you can tuck the headphones in if you want your product to become even more compact, thus making it a great travel companion for music lovers.
    • Sound quality: Of course, when it comes to headphones, the thing that you would care about the most is how your audio sounds. You would be glad to know that both the high end and the low end sound crisp and detailed when listened to through these Beats Studio headphones. Additionally, you would notice that the bass is quite prominent, as you would be able to hear each note distinctly but without it overpowering every other aspect of the sound. Overall, this results in an audio output that is pretty much perfect and would give you everything you’d need to enjoy your music.


  • Portability: While these headphones do have a great battery life and are quite compact, the fact that they are so durable makes them quite heavy. This can be a huge problem for people who would need to carry these headphones around all day. Suffice it to say that these headphones are far heavier than you would expect them to be, which means that you might end up thinking twice before deciding to hang them around your neck all day long. This is a major disadvantage because portability matters a lot when it comes to headphones.
  • Connectivity: Another problem that you are going to face while using these headphones has to do with connectivity. While you are using this product, you would notice that the sound tends to drop out if you get too far away from the source of your audio. This might not be a problem when it comes to traveling with your phone and headphones, but if you want to move around with your headphones, you would be at risk of losing the audio signal. This is a minor annoyance but one that many people would consider a deal breaker. Keep this in mind if you are thinking of buying this product.


The fact that this product offers outstanding sound quality is enough to make you feel satisfied with its performance. The stylish design and lack of wires are also an attractive feature. Overall, this product manages to overcome its flaws to be truly deserving of the money you are paying for it. People often avoid Beats headphones because they are expensive, but in this case, the price tag is worth it. You would be hard pressed to find an audio quality that is this clear when there are no wires involved.