Water filtration is a widely popular topic these days. With a large portion of water being impure, it is necessary to be aware of and innovate accordingly to offer humans pure water to drink.

We may have a solution for you that will solve all your worries. The APEC ULTIMATE RO-PERM water filtration system is an innovative and efficient water purifier that has qualities that set it apart from your regular water purifying systems which provide more problems than solution. The details of this system have been highlighted in this article to help you understand what this product is made of and whether it is worth its price.

With the upgrading technology, reverse osmosis systems have become popular as a means to get rid of impurities from water. APEC (Advanced Purification Engineering Corp) specializes in water purifying systems, with twenty years of industrial practice, meaning it knows how to get the job done with years of experience backing it.

This APEC ULTIMATE RO-PERM is installed under the sink and purifies water by passing it through 5 diverse stages to allow the water to taste superior and be in its superior form along with its other key qualities.

Five Stages of Water Purification

Having spent twenty years in the industry, APEC has spent a good amount of time on this product, ensuring that these five stages help purify the water to a superior state and help APEC live up to its name and reputation. Unlike its competitors, APEC’s Reverse Osmosis system incorporates five stages to sanitize the water.

It removes any dust or rustic element that may worsen the water quality of the water purifier itself. It removes 99% of any harmful organism such as bacteria, lead, zinc, and silver. This 5-step process ensures any external or internal organism is removed, leaving the user with an uncontaminated and invigorating form of water.

In doing so, what is left behind is a pure, safe-to-drink and high-quality water that also tastes good. This feature of the purifying system guarantees that the quality of the water is sustained at a level that does not harm the user and tries to do away with as much of the hazardous toxic and acidic material, leaving to some extent non-threatening alkaline water.

Tough Quality Control

The water is passed through various rigorous stages to ensure that the quality of the water does not fall by the slightest bit. The APEC water purification system is designed to provide a high level of satisfaction and reliability, doing away with strange odors, noise, clogs and leakages. It has the ability to treat all forms of water ranging from 30-50 pounds per square inch and pH levels. It has the best design and the best industry standard parts and components to complement it, making replacements of these parts easy and cost effective.

These parts are easy to install and have low maintenance costs. The quality control overall is highly appreciated and is one of the best features of the APEC ULTIMATE RO-PERM. Operating for more than twenty years, the company does not compromise on quality and keeps in high regard when making a product, making it a key feature of all APEC models.


Filter life

Water Flow Rate

System Efficiency

Product Specifications

  • The water tastes pure, which is one of the main goals of the APEC water filter system.
  • It has a relatively low maintenance cost, granted that the filters are changed annually.
  • It can produce up to 90 gallons of pure water per day.
  • It works really well for low pressure homes, as this system helps to increase the pressure and filter out the impurities faster with its permeate pump.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The pump does not require electricity to run, making it cost effective.
  • It has highly durable and voluminous filters.
  • It is a durable and long-term investment.
  • It is secure and convenient and doesn’t require extra clips to prevent leakages.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Most customer reviews have been rather positive about this product, commending it on its ability to produce unpolluted water and gratify the consumer’s requirements. Customers have valued the system’s packaging, claiming it to be practical and thorough in helping pull together the system along with all the parts mandatory to arrange it. Others have commended the system for its capability to work proficiently in making the water taste great and operating just like it had been advertised, making it a trustworthy and honorable brand name and product and setting the bar high.

The company does advertise this product as being easy to install which most customers agree with. In some cases, the company even provides assistance in setting up so that you don’t have to go through any problems.

It has fulfilled the requirements of many customers, although a shortcoming of installing this system is that it does not go through a remineralization process, like a few other systems that remove any contaminants left over while the system purifies the water. Furthermore, there are a few complaints claiming that it does not work properly. However, these were only from a few people and most of the customers are happy with their purchase.

It is also fair to mention that pure water gives you a satisfying and fresh radiance on your face along with other health benefits. It is competent, it is worth its price, and it is easy to use.

Regardless, the missing feature does not make any impact on the superior performance of the APEC system as no grievance has been posted. It has mostly glowing evaluations due to the company’s long industrial experience and excellency in every product. This product is great and worth the deal. The company offers a one-year warranty and lifetime support in case there is a system failure of any sort. The APEC water purifying system is definitely a choice that you will not regret.