Water filtration is a widely talked about topic these days. With a large portion of water being contaminated, it is necessary to understand and innovate accordingly to provide humans with pure and safe-to -drink water.

With the improvement in technology, reverse osmosis systems have become popular as a mean to get rid of impurities from water. APEC (Advanced Purification Engineering Corp) specializes in water purifying systems with twenty years of industrial practice, meaning that it knows how to get the job done with years of experience backing it.

You must understand that your health is more important than anything, so you must not hold back on your budget and carry on with an ineffective water filtration system. A lot of diseases can be transferred through water, as it is one of the basic signs of life. From bacteria to toxic materials like lead, many harmful substances can be traced in impure water. This is why the APEC filter system aims to be your solution for issues like this which should not exist in the first place, as pure water is a basic human right. So why not consider this as your option? This article serves to help you gain a closer look at the APEC filtration system so that you may be able to judge it based on your requirements and needs.

The APEC Top Tier ULTIMATE RO-90 Water Filter System is installed under the sink and purifies water by passing it through 5 distinct stages to allow the water to taste good and be in its superior form along with its other key qualities.

Five Stages of Water Purification

Unlike its competitors, APEC’s Reverse Osmosis System incorporates five stages to purify water. It removes any dust or rustic element that may deteriorate the water quality of the purifier. It removes 99% of any hazardous entity such as bacteria, lead, zinc, and silver. This 5-step process ensures any external or internal entity is eradicated, leaving the consumer a pure and refreshing form of water. In doing so, what is left behind is a pure, safe-to-drink and high-quality water that also tastes good.


Filter life

Water Flow Rate

System Efficiency

This feature of the Purifying System ensures that the quality of the water is maintained at a level that does not harm the consumer and tries to remove as much of the hazardous toxic and acidic material as possible, leaving a slightly but non-threatening alkaline water.

Having spent twenty years in the industry, APEC has spent a good amount of time on this product, ensuring that these five stages help purify the water to a superior state and help APEC live up to its name and reputation.

Custom Filters and Fittings

This water purifying system features long-lasting filters which have a high capacity.
These filters ensure the durability of the system over a long period of time, giving the consumer safe and pure quality water to drink over the system’s lifespan. As for the maintenance cost, these filters need to be changed on an annual basis to ensure the water purifying system’s performance.

The system also features John Guest polypropylene fitting, which allows the smooth and successful replacement and installation of parts required for the proper functioning of this water purifying system, removing the probability of the system sustaining any damage during the process. With the help of these features, you can relax knowing that APEC has made your life easier and healthier for you.

Product Specifications

  • The water tastes pure, which is one of the main goals of the APEC water filter system.
  • It has a relatively low maintenance cost, granted that the filters are changed annually.
  • It can produce up to 90 gallons of pure water per day.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It contains a free water testing kit.
  • It is a durable and long-term investment.
  • Feed Water pH: 2.0 to 11.0
  • Max Total Dissolved Solids: 2000 ppm
  • It includes a 100% lead-free chrome faucet.
  • Its storage tank can hold up to 4 gallons of water.
  • It is secure and convenient and doesn’t require extra clips to prevent leakages.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Most customer reviews have been rather positive about APEC ULTIMATE RO-90 , commending it on its ability to produce pure water and satisfy the consumer’s needs. Customers have appreciated the system’s packaging, claiming it to be useful and detailed in helping assemble the system with minimum external help, along with all the necessary objects required to set up the system. Others have commended the system on its ability to work efficiently in making the water taste great and operating just like it had been advertised, making it a reliable and trustworthy brand. The company does advertise this product as being easy to install which most customers agree with. Furthermore, the company provides assistance in installation if required, so this is one worry you will be free of.

It has satisfied many customers, but a disadvantage of installing this system is that it does not undergo a remineralization process, which basically removes any toxins left behind while the system purifies the water. Regardless, no such complaint has been filed yet, claiming that due to this missing feature, the system is inefficient or not safe. It has mostly positive reviews and let us not forget it does go through five stages of purifying the water, along with the company’s long industrial experience.

This product is top of the line and worth the investment. The company provides a one-year warranty and a lifetime support in case there is a system failure of any sort. It is a step in the right direction, a much safer direction. Pure water is every human being’s right, and this system does not fail to serve. Not to mention, pure water gives you a nice and fresh glow on your face along with other health benefits. It is efficient, worth its price, and user-friendly.