Water-borne diseases or illnesses can affect anyone, at any time. One way that has seemed to gain some recent attention is through drinking unfiltered tap water. Even though issues about water contamination have been discussed since as far back as the 19th century, (most famously in London during the cholera epidemic) it seems that certain issues have persisted to this day that have left the ground open for further improvements and precautions. Now with the modern advancements available, individuals can protect themselves against such harms. It is necessary that we take action now, to stop the spread of diseases.

Water filtration systems are one of the best ways of purifying water and keeping households safe and healthy. One brilliant system is the APEC Essence ROES-PH75. It uses reverse osmosis, a process that passes water through a partially permeable membrane absolving it of any impurities.


Six Stage Filtration

The initial stage uses a polypropylene sediment removal filter which serves to remove dust particles or any rust that is present in the water. Another purpose it fulfills is making sure that the membrane required by reverse osmosis remains intact and the system works properly.

The second and third stages of the system consist of using carbon blocks, which are very useful in removing volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and chemicals that are present in the water. These layers are known as carbon block pre filters and help make the water taste and smell fresh.

The fourth stage of the entire filtration process uses a High Rejection TFC (Thin Film Composite) reverse osmosis membrane which is where reverse osmosis takes place. It is thus a very crucial stage in the filtration system. It prevents around 99% of the Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS) from remaining in the water as well as removing substances like chromium, bacteria, radium, fluoride, arsenic, lead, viruses and many more.

The fifth stage in this machine is a Coconut Shell Refining Carbon filter to ensure that the water tastes delicious and makes you come back for more.

The last stage of this filter is also very important as it uses a calcite acidic water neutralizer to make the water more alkaline (with calcium carbonate). This makes the water balanced in terms of nutrients and minerals that might have been lost otherwise due to the reverse osmosis membrane.


Filter life

Water Flow Rate

System Efficiency


The APEC Essence ROES-PH75 is an incredible machine, built robustly and designed to improve and simplify lifestyles. This complex system is actually quite easy to install and to make things simpler, is clearly explained in a video guide that can help identify the parts and illustrates everything the user needs to do. The tubing is colored coded and so it easy to differentiate and quick fittings are provided that can be easy to install.

The filtration system uses large block filters, which are very selective and can survive for longer spans of time; the average filters used in other water filtration systems cannot compete with these. The system also promises that it does not produce any noise and remains silent under the sink. Setting the entire water filtration mechanism under the sink keeps it out of sight but still reachable if it is needed.

Filling the tank is not a hassle due to the automatic shut off feature in the system. APEC is an experienced company that has been in the business for a very long time ensuring great quality service and machinery. That makes this system convenient and reliable.


Product Specifications

  • System Dimensions: 16″w x 5.25″d x 17.5″h
  • System Capacity: 90 gallons per day at 60 pounds per square inch, 75 gallons per day at 50 pounds per square inch, 77° F
  • System Package Weight: 27 lbs
  • Feed Water pH: 2.0-11.0
  • Feed Water Pressure: 40-85 pounds per square inch
  • Feed Water Temperature: 40-100° F
  • Tank Dimensions: 11″ x 11″ x 15″
  • Tank Capacity: 4 gallons
  • Reverse Osmosis System Components: Stainless steel check valve, clog free flow restrictor, ½” input feed water adapters, 5 feet of food grade tubing, leak free faucet and a 4 gallon pressurized tank
  • Installation Components: Wrench, feed water valve, tank ball valve, drain saddle, Teflon tape and manuals
  • 6 stage filtration components: Sediment removal filter, Carbon Block filters, TFC reverse osmosis membrane, coconut shell refining carbon, calcite acidic water neutralizer

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

This system has been recommended by many users for the remarkable changes they have experienced in their own water consumption. There is a detectable improvement in the taste of the water: passing through the six filters makes it fresh and that is keeping the users well hydrated.

The investment has also seemed worthwhile to many who, in the longer run, have saved huge amounts of money on bottled water as they switched entirely to their filtered tap water. It is important to note that this is not only economical but also environment friendly: the fewer bottles bought, the lesser the plastic waste.

The capacity in the tank has been more than adequate for most of the customers purchasing this product and it has been recommended for being truly long lasting and fit for constant use.

There were some complaints that the tubing is short and thus is difficult to reach into. These concerns have been counteracted by user reviews that mention that the size is very user friendly and the short tubes in fact make it easier to take the assembled unit out and clean without any hassle.

This unit can definitely find its place in any home. It has so many wonderful features which make it ideal for installing anywhere. Customers appreciated that the entire installation process (that can often be so overwhelming) is made straight forward if the instructions on the manual are followed step by step along with the video that has been made available online.

This system uses High Rejection filters in a six –step filtration process to provide clean and healthy. This system can protect you and your family from many harmful substances that are present in the water. It stands out among the competition for being effective and cost saving at the time, making it a strong contender for anyone looking to add a water filtration system in their homes.