When you take a look at this product, what you are going to see is a combination of retro ambiance style and modern audio technology. This combination is quite fantastic and overall, AKG Pro Audio K812PRO is one of the finest in the world of headphones. There are numerous benefits you are going to get when you use this product, which would help you realize that what you have here is nothing less than the pinnacle of headphones. Provided below are details of what makes this product so great.AKG Pro Audio K812


The design for these headphones is decidedly old school. The 60s and 70s are widely regarded to be the two decades that produced some of the greatest music in history. Certainly, none of the modern artists we see can measure up to the brilliance of those decades. Two of the most prominent retro motifs are the leatherette ear pads and coiled cable, both of which go beyond simple stylistic points to provide you with actual functional benefits. The design for these headphones is certainly well crafted and combines aesthetic with performance in a brilliant and unique way.

Build quality

Sound quality





Performance-wise, these phones are pretty much unparalleled when it comes to sound. You would not believe the quality of audio you are going to get when you listen to music using this product. While it does not quite compare to the level of quality you might get using a pair of studio monitors, in a music production setting, these headphones hold up quite well. They are pricey, but in exchange for that, you are getting one of the clearest and most accurate sound reproduction that a pair of headphones could possibly offer.


    • Style: A pair of headphones that takes its stylistic cues from the 60s and 70s is definitely one that you are going to want to buy. The coiled cable is extremely useful because of its length; you would be able to move around quite a bit while you have it on. Additionally, since the cable is coiled, you get all of the potential movement with none of the mess since the coils would not get tangled up in a huge pile whenever you are not using the headphones. The great thing about this product is that its design is not just aesthetically pleasing but practical too.
    • Sound quality: Since you are going for an AKG product, the chances are that you are an audiophile who wants the best sound possible. These headphones provide the most accurate representation of what has been recorded, down to the imperfections of the recording. This is perfect for studio situations as well as for those people who love the idea of getting to know the little mistakes that were made during the recordings of their favorite songs. One of the most important aspects of the audio quality these headphones provide is that it gives you a nice, thick bass tone that would improve the overall quality of the song.AKG Pro Audio K812PRO
    • Durability: This is a product that has been built to last. Thanks to the fact that the materials used in its manufacturing are so strong, AKG Pro Audio K812PRO is not going to break anytime soon. This makes it perfect for parents who have rowdy kids. Kids play rough sometimes and in their rough play, they often end up breaking things. Thankfully, this product has been made of strong enough materials to prevent something like that from happening. You can rest assured that nothing is going to go wrong if you buy these headphones.
    • Comfort: When you have audio quality and durability, comfort can seem like a pipe dream. This is because the combination of these two benefits often results in a bulky, heavy product. However, the materials used in this product are miraculously quite light. Additionally, the leatherette pads on the interior of the headphones are extremely comfortable. You would not feel any excess pressure on your ears; in fact, you would probably feel quite nice when you have your headphones on. This adds to the comfort quotient of this product a great deal, thus providing you with an excellent overall experience.


  • Price: One aspect of this product that you might take issue with is the price. This is not at all a cheap product because it has been built to provide top-notch quality. If you want a quality of this level, you will have to pay for it. Still, many might consider this price downright exorbitant and would be hesitant to pay it. Just try to keep in mind the benefits you are getting; if they are not worth the price, there are several more affordable options you can go for.
  • Portability: Another thing about this product that would cause problems is a lack of portability. The coiled cable prevents messes from occurring, but it is still quite cumbersome to pack. Additionally, these headphones may be light, but they are rather large, making them less than ideal for when you are out and about. Essentially, they are not meant for use while traveling. Use them at home where the cable would not get in the way or prepare to deal with an enormous amount of hassle if you are adamant on taking these headphones out with you.


All in all, these headphones are perfect for all kinds of high-budget users. Whether you want to open a little studio in your home with high-quality gear or you are just an audiophile who wants to hear every note as clearly as possible, these headphones are tough to beat, even if you end up spending more money. Indeed, the price tag is quite low when you consider how much other companies are charging for top-of-the-line products. As long as you keep in mind the minor flaws this product has, you will experience nothing but satisfaction while using it.