Adulthood is weird. A deflated tire, especially when you are running late, can spoil your mood for the entire day. If you are an adult, you can relate to the panic that sets in when you set your eye on the deflated tire or when you have been planning to play soccer for a long time only to discover in the last possible minute that your soccer ball is devoid of air.

To avoid such situations, you should have a compressor in your house. Such a tool is necessary if you wish to avoid unnecessary trips to the auto repair shop. From filling up balloons to allowing you to use pneumatic tools, a household air compressor ensures that lack of air in anything is not one of the issues you face. Luckily, there is an abundance of options to choose from when it comes to compressors. If you are planning on buying one, you may want to give the Porter-Cable C2002-WK compressor a try.

Highly Durable Compressor with an Oil-Free Pump

Some of the major things that customers value worldwide are convenience and durability. Even if some are willing to pay a premium price for a given product, every customer expects the product to last long enough to extract the value of the money spent.

Porter-Cable understands this consumer psyche and has succeeded in delivering a product which is both durable and convenient. Both of these values are satisfied mostly by a single feature, i.e. the oil-free nature of the pump.

Ask anyone, and they will tell you what a waste of energy regular changing of oil feels like. With the help of this product, you can avoid the daily mess you make when changing the oil. Therefore, this feature makes this product significantly low maintenance and enhances the convenience of owning the product.

Moreover, the same pump is highly durable which ensures that you don’t need to make continuous investments and can instead reap the benefits of the product in the long run without it being a burden on your wallet.

Tank Capacity


Air Flow


Max Pressure


Noise Level

Enhanced Portability

Some of the household or pancake compressors on the market are too heavy to a customer’s liking. It is because a large product translates to a lack of portability, which undermines the convenience of owning a compressor in the first place. After all, what good is a compressor if you can’t transport it when needed? Owning this compressor allows you to avoid such flaws.

It is because this product has a light weight and is equipped with a handle which makes transportability and storage a piece of cake. Such features are accompanied by the addition of two couplers, which allow two users to operate the product simultaneously. The addition of this feature allows this product to be ideal to use when filling up balloons for a party. Now, you can ask for a helping hand and ensure that you are done with the job as quick as possible. Since we live in a world where no one prefers wasting time on such trivial tasks, the dual usability of this compressor is a feature which is highly appreciated by many.

Both these features combined have ensured that this product stands out from the crowd. It is for this very reason that this compressor is a likely choice for the masses.

Product Specifications

  • The pancake style of the tank ensures a high level of stability
  • The product is marked by air tool performance which is better than its competing products
  • The capacity of the compressor is 6 gallons
  • The product is accompanied by a 13-piece accessory kit
  • The maximum tank pressure of the product is 150 psi which allows for a longer pneumatic tool operation time
  • The compressor has a quick recovery time
  • Components like the air coupler and plug are factory installed to prevent leaks
  • The product is equipped with rubber feet and a water drain value
  • The motor has a power of 120 V, which allows it to start during cold weathers quickly
  • The compressor produces 82 dBA of sound
  • The weight of the product is 30 lb

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

This compressor has been well-received by users worldwide for the convenience and premium performance that it provides.

According to customers, the overall build of the product plays an integral role in maintaining the stability of the product, which is a much-needed feature. Moreover, the fact that two users can use the product at once has been lauded by customers who believe that such a feature is unheard of in products within the price range of this compressor. Furthermore, users report that the product succeeds in delivering what it promises. The compressor builds pressure quickly and regenerates pressure at a high rate as well. Due to such benefits, the product is ideal for operating tools.

However, some users are of the opinion that the air nozzle of the compressor is easily breakable and should be replaced with one which is sturdier. This flaw undermines the durability of the product and should be dealt with promptly. Moreover, it is a popular opinion that the product is a little noisy, which is a setback since a noisy compressor is a source of annoyance for many and may deter customers from referring the product to their friends.

Regardless of the minor drawbacks that this compressor experiences, the fact remains that it has been immensely successful in delivering high-quality performance. It does what a compressor is ought to do at an efficient and quick rate. At the end of the day, it is low maintenance, highly portable and convenient to use. When all these advantages are combined, they outweigh the disadvantages with ease.

Therefore, if you seek a product which offers great value at a reasonable price, you will not be disappointed by the Porter-Cable C2002-WK pancake compressor. Buy this product and bid farewell to deflated tires. Stop relying on auto-repair shops, and take matters into your hands. Get yourself a compressor, and you will not regret the decision.