There are so many instances where you can need an air compressor, especially if your business requires it. However, when you have one and it keeps pausing while functioning, you know it’s not of much use. An unreliable air compressor is good for nothing, and that’s when you have to buy a new one. The use of an air compressor can arise at any time, particularly when you are involved in field work. An excellent pump can save your time and energy, enabling you to handle more work efficiently.

One industrial air compressor that you can rely on is the Industrial Air Contractor IH1393075 13-HP 30-Gallon Two-Stage Truck-Mount Air Compressor. It is an ace at its job and is best for servicing trucks and field service. The working is excellent, and the motor is high powered and durable. It operates proficiently, and the large tank doesn’t call for constant refilling.

Automatic Shutdown When Low on Oil with Exemplary Performance

Often, the air compressor is low on fuel and set to high power usage. We sometimes can’t keep track of how low the fuel in the engine is and the motor fails to inform us. If this happens repeatedly, it results in the malfunctioning of the device. Hence, the level of performance doesn’t remain as great as it used to be when it is constantly forced to run on less fuel when it can’t afford to.Industrial Air Contractor IH1393075

However, the Industrial Air IH1393075 Air Compressor is a machine that doesn’t let itself become the victim of such a situation. It features automatic shutdown for when the machine is running out of fuel. Therefore, every time such a case presents itself, the machine halts automatically instead of forcefully working and having adverse effects on the level of performance. Another excellent quality is that you don’t have to guess how much oil is left in the machine. Rather, the machine clearly shows the levels.

This high HP air compressor has a Honda engine that gives it life, and it does so like a pro. The machine doesn’t let one down and functions in an excellent manner without taking pauses. It is ideal for operations related to field services and servicing trucks. The 30-gallon tank is voluminous, allowing industrial performance, and doesn’t need to be refilled too soon so that you can complete your tasks more conveniently.

Tank Capacity


Air Flow


Max Pressure



Doesn’t Overheat Quickly

Another feature that’s worth mentioning is that this air compressor has a noteworthy cooling system. When machines work for too long, they often start heating up rapidly and when an engine overheats, it is time to switch it off for safety measures. Industrial Air Contractor IH1393075Otherwise, its performance is negatively affected or the motor goes berserk entirely. Usually, when the overheating kicks in, you have to manually stop the machine and give it some time to rest and relax. When this happens, you have to stop your work midway. This wastes time and not to mention is very annoying. Constant stopping and restarting because of overheating can cause the machine damage as well.

To avoid such a situation, the Industrial Air Contractor IH1393075 has come up with the cooling feature which maintains a low temperature. This keeps the air pump running continuously for a long time so that you can complete the task at hand without delay, saving you time. This also makes the pump durable and reliable as the cooling system prevents damage.


  • 30-Gallon Truck Mount Style ASME-Certified Tank
  • 13-horsepower Electric Start Honda OHV Gas Engine
  • Approved by the EPA and CARB
  • OHV model makes the machine more efficient
  • 155 PSI maximum pressure for outclass performance
  • 24.0 CFM at 100 PSI, 22.0 CFM at max 175 PSI
  • It can power more than one air tool at a time
  • Installed cooling system given by patented design
  • 30-gallon truck-mount style
  • ASME-certified tank
  • Product dimensions are 46 x 23.5 x 45 inches
  • Weighs 497 pounds
  • Durable and reliable
  • Automatic oil shutdown

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

A huge majority of the reviews are in favor of this air compressor as customers are impressed with how much load this machine can take. The cooling system makes it long-lasting and saves it from damage. Also, more than one air tool can be powered by this compressor smoothly. Users have discussed how this sturdy machine can easily handle a lot of work and the performance doesn’t go down. The Honda engine functions like a pro and manages its job without pausing incessantly.Industrial Air Contractor IH1393075

The machine doesn’t get wrecked that quickly because of the automatic feature that shuts it off as soon as it gets low on oil. Apart from that, the oil levels can easily be viewed, conveniently alerting one of when a refill is needed. This air compressor has many admirable qualities in its arsenal, and that’s why it has so many positive reviews.

The design of the machine is well thought out, and every detail has been given attention. The counter-balance feature of this air compressor along with handles that provide a comfortable grip makes the machine one that is convenient to use. The industrial-grade bearings make it more sustainable. These technical details have given the air compressor an edge over others.

One drawback is that at above 400 lbs, this air compressor is massive, which makes it difficult to move it around. However, considering that the air compressor is meant for heavy usage and has a 30-gallon tank, that’s acceptable and not much of a con at all. Since the pump has more positive reviews, this one con doesn’t count, especially because even at this weight, it is more manageable and less heavy than other air compressors.

Overall, the IH1393075 is an incredible pump that you can completely rely on. It has many high-end qualities and functions without any problems. Reviews show that it is lasting and prove that its performance is top-notch. It’s reliable and efficient with the CFM maximum at 175 PSI. The top-end construction doesn’t disappoint you, and it is highly recommended as this machine is worth investing on.