An air compressor is one of the handiest tools that you can have at home or take along to a job or construction site. You can use it to power various tools such as pneumatic nailers, to inflate different objects, and to blow away dirt and debris. A portable air compressor is very versatile as it can be a lifesaver for many DIYer as well as professionals. The DeWalt D55168 200 psi compressor comes under the category of a mid-range compressor and is suitable for homeowners and small workshop owners.

The DeWalt D55168 compressor is a heavy-duty one with lots of useful features and fixtures. It is very portable and can power lots of tools continuously. Following is a detailed overview of its features:

Powerful Motor and Large Tank Capacity

The DeWalt air compressor is powered by a 1.6 HP engine, and an electric supply of 120 VAC is needed to run it. The motor is operated by 15A and Efficient High Pressure (EHP) technology that makes it last longer. It is protected by an automatic thermal overload protection that saves it when the load exceeds the limit. The motor makes the compressor run smoothly and squeezes every inch of air to power your tools. The air compressor has an operating pressure of 200 psi, which is enough to perform heavy-duty tasks. The cut-in pressure is 160 psi, and it takes only 5 minutes for the compressor to get filled from 0 to 200 psi.

It contains a reservoir that has a cylindrical shape and can carry 15 gallons of compressed air. It has a compact shape and weighs 92 lbs. The tank is made up of steel and is sturdy enough to bear the rigors of a construction site. The air pressure in the tank can be checked through a regulated pressure gauge and an air tank pressure gauge. The tank pressure gauge indicates reverse pressure, and the regulated gauge shows the pressure present at the outlet. All this is controlled by a pressure regulator. These gauges are present on a metal console panel. Furthermore, the ball drain valve will let you empty the tank easily.

Tank Capacity


Air Flow


Max Pressure


Noise Level

No Maintenance Required

The DeWalt air compressor comes with an oil-free pump which makes the maintenance very easy. With this pump, you won’t need to change the oil again and again, so the only maintenance required for this air compressor is that you need to clean the dust and debris that get accumulated after some time.

The operational noise level of this air compressor is 78 dBA. However, since it is an oil-free compressor, this noise level is acceptable. Most air compressors in this category cause the floor to shake and the noise is unbearable, but this compressor’s noise is not too loud. If you want to avoid noise completely, you can place the air compressor 3 to 4 feet from yourself as the cord is too long. This way you’ll be able to cancel the excess noise, and only 10 to 15 dBA will reach you.

The tank is also provided with wheels which make it very portable and in spite of the weight, you can carry it anywhere easily. These wires are wide and semi-pneumatic, and they provide stability to the whole structure.

Product Specifications

  • The tank size is 15 gallons.
  • It has dimensions of 24.50 X 22.0 X 44.75 inches.
  • It works with a power supply of 120 volts.
  • 5.0 SCFM at 90 psi enables quicker compressor recovery time.
  • The noise level is 78 dBA which is not too loud.
  • The Efficient High Pressure (EHP) technology allows maximum air-tool runtimes.
  • The efficient 1.6 HP motor enables the compressor to power the tools on a continuous basis.
  • There is a metal panel that displays the coupler, regulator, and the actual gauges.
  • The drain valve allows easy emptying of the tank.
  • The wide and semi-pneumatic tires allow easy portability and give stability to the tank.
  • The oil-free pump makes it easier to maintain as all the parts are already lubricated.
  • The extension cord makes it easier to carry to long distances from the power supply.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.

Customers Reviews and Conclusion

According to customers, the tank of this DeWalt air compressor is enormous and can hold a good volume of air inside it to power all the tools. Most people have expressed their joy over how the compressor could easily run guns and spray hoppers as it is so powerful. One customer stated that he could easily place it in his storeroom because of its compact size and it is very portable too because of the wheels present.

No product is free of cons and some customers stated that it is a bit hefty and noisy. Sometimes, the cord also makes it harder to carry the compressor because of its stiffness. Moreover, the regular adjustment knob is not of good quality.

Overall, this DeWalt D55168 compressor is ideal for equipment and automotive maintenance, woodworking, and auto-restoration. It can easily operate high air consumption equipment and tools such as paint sprayers, ratchet wrenches, impact wrenches, and air sanders. You can also use it for metal fabrication using cut-off tools, grinders, and reciprocating saws. For painting, lacquering, and glue spraying, you can use a spray gun. The impact wrenches and ratchet wrenches can be powered by this compressor as well for fastening purposes. A dual-action sander or random orbit sander can be powered by the DeWalt compressor for sanding purposes.

The DeWalt D55168 200 PSI 15 Gallon Portable Workshop Compressor is a good option to use at a workshop or construction site. It is heavy, but it has a compact size, so it doesn’t take up much space. This air compressor is a very useful one as it will save your time and power all of your tools and equipment to make your task simpler. The broad and padded wheels make it very portable, and you can easily carry it around your workshop. It provides continuous power to the tools and even if it gets emptied, it will take hardly 5 minutes to fill it back. It is not completely flawless, but it delivers excellent value for its price.