Every one of us has experienced what it feels like when we are running late and find that the tire of our car is deflated. We all know the annoyance it causes us to take our cars to a nearby auto repair shop only to inflate the tires. We all feel as if the repairmen are smirking at us, at our inability to perform such an easy and essential task by ourselves.

Maybe we exaggerate it all in our heads, but the fact remains that filling air in your car’s tire is a very simple task. If you were well-equipped to take care of the issue on your own, not only would you save yourself from the imaginary condescending smile of the repairman, but you would also save a lot of time. One may wonder, how can you be equipped for such emergencies? The answer is, by having an air compressor in your home.

California Air Tools 5510SE

An air compressor will not only ensure that you are well-equipped to deal with a deflated tire, but it can also be put to various other uses ranging from blowing up balloons to using pneumatic tools for your home projects. While an air compressor is a handy thing to have around, choosing one from an array of options is not always easy. You need to pick one which offers high speed, portability, and quality performance. California Air Tools 5510SE is one such air compressor and is worth your money.

A Low-Maintenance and Highly Convenient Compressor

The manufacturers of this product understand how inconvenient and time-consuming the task of maintaining a compressor can be. You need to oil it daily to make sure it remains functional and keeps delivering top-notch performance. The act of changing oil not only drains one’s energy but is also a messy process that all users would love to avoid.


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California Air Tools 5510SE

This product is marked by a low cost of maintenance which is achieved by the oil-free nature of the compressor. Such a feature means that you don’t need to keep reminding yourself to change oil every other day, and neither do you need to spend on the product to repair the damage caused when you forget to change the oil. The simple act of making the product oil-free has allowed this compressor to be highly convenient for the masses.

The fact that the product is lightweight further adds to the convenience of the product. It is because such a characteristic allows for easy portability, which is something customers value immensely. This portability is ensured by the addition of wheels and two handles onto the product, which make transporting it from one place to another a piece of cake.


If you own a pancake or a consumer-grade compressor, you would know how much noise the product makes. While the noise is somewhat bearable in the outdoors, it becomes almost unbearable indoors or when you are required to use the compressor for an extended period. Therefore, it is natural that customers search for products which are not a source of a headache for them.

For this reason, the ultra-quiet nature of this product is considered to be its best feature. The motor of the compressor is not only powerful, but it also operated at 1680 RPM, which helps it create less noise as compared to other products. The manufacturers of this product also take pride in proclaiming that this product is one of the quietest air compressors available since it only has 60 decibels of sound, which is significantly small compared to the competing products.


This air compressor offers various other features which include the following:

  • The motor of the product offers increased duty cycle which allows you to enjoy longer runtimes with each use
  • The product features a dual piston pump which enhances performance
  • The pump can be used in various types of terrains and temperature
  • The tank is made from steel and has a capacity of 5.5 gallons
  • The compressor has a maximum pressure of 120 PSI
  • The product is equipped with a thermal overload protector
  • It takes 120 seconds to fill the tank
  • The product has a weight of 50 lb. and dimensions of 25.5″ x 11.5″ x 21.0″
  • A one-year warranty accompanies the product
  • The product has a speed ranging from 2.20 CFM to 3.10 CFM depending on the pressure

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

The product has been lauded by customers for its value-added features such as the ultra-quiet functionality and added wheels and handles for portability. Unlike various other products, this compressor holds its end of the bargain and delivers a product which makes approximately no sound when used. Customers believe that this feature has allowed this product to stand out.

Moreover, users have reported that the product is highly durable and works well with pneumatic tools. Homeowners who prefer DIYs have highly appreciated this added usage of the product. The fact that the price of the product is low compared to the features offered makes this compressor a likely choice for many.

However, some users feel that the components of the product which are made from plastic are prone to damage and, therefore, challenge the overall durability of the product.

Regardless of the minor flaw, overall, users have been content with the air compressor with many dubbing it to be one of the best available when considering the price. Its value-added features effectively make up for the lack of durability.

All in all, if you want to have an air compressor which does not become a source of noise and annoyance for you and your family and is a product which gets the job done as quickly as possible, you may want to give the California Air Tools 5510SE a try. It is safe to say you will get your money’s worth. Purchase the 5510SE best buy air compressor and easily blow up balloons and inflate tires. Be independent.