Painting with a brush is very exhausting and time-consuming. It might be fun, but only if you have a whole day to invest in it. What if you have a whole nursery to paint or you are in a mood of renovation, but neither you have time nor you want to pay a high price to a professional painter. A very easy and obvious solution to this problem is using a spray gun. The paint job is a piece of cake with it. These spray guns are powered by an air compressor. Not only this, air compressors can be used to repair vehicles without any professional help. Air compressors can surely make these jobs easier for DIY enthusiasts.

The problem with the air compressors is that the gas-powered compressor cannot be used for indoor task as it emits a lot of exhaust, and the oil-lubricated compressor requires a lot of maintenance. Here comes California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet Oil-Free and Powerful Air Compressor which can be used both indoors as well as outdoors as it does not emit any kind of exhaust. The best thing is its quieter engine. If you want a quite easy-to-use compressor, California compressor is the best choice.


Tank Capacity


Air Flow


Max Pressure


Noise Level

Quieter Compressor with Oil-Free Dual Piston Pump

California compressor has a low noise-making capability, i.e. it makes less than 70 dB of noise which is quite low in the world of compressors. No need to fear that the wife in the next room or the children upstairs might wake up due to the noise. Its operating RPM is only 1680 thus enabling it to make lesser noise. Lower RPM also insures lower wear. This air compressor has a life of more than 3000 hours, which is almost six times more than any other air compressor due to its efficient oil-less pump. It requires a lot lower maintenance than an oil-lubricated air compressor. It is ideal for household jobs as it is relatively cheaper. The oil-less pump is designed for high performance and for lasting longer. Its use in various temperatures is not a problem for the user. It also comes with an Easy Start Valve which enables easier start with lower Amps. It works by emitting a little bit of air, which helps push the motor to spin by itself. This helps to get the machine started in even colder temperature.

Huge Air Tank

CAT-10020C comes with a very large tank which can hold up to 10 gallons of air. Not only this but the tank also has wheels. This means that portability of a large amount of pressurized air is not a problem. If you have to work in your garage, shop, house, or any other workplace, the only thing you have to do is pull the tank along with you wherever you go. Its heavier weight is not a problem because of the wheel kit attached to it.


  • Two pressure controller gages
  • Two universal ¼″ quick connectors
  • Condor pressure switch
  • Takes less than two minutes to fill an empty tank
  • 25-second recovery time from 95 PSI to 125 PSI
  • Dimensions 16″ x 15.1″ x 35.9″
  • Weight is 82.5 lbs
  • One year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • No battery required
  • Only 110 V required
  • 70 dB sound
  • Corded electric power source
  • Two horsepower
  • Manual style drain
  • Oil-free pump so that the user does not have to waste most of their time in maintenance
  • Lower Amp draw, i.e. 14 Amps so that less electricity is required. It also insures an easier start.
  • Steel tank with 10-gallon capacity
  • Efficient heat dispersion
  • Larger dual pistons
  • Cylinder made of aluminum giving the machine durability
  • Teflon-made cylinder rings
  • Stainless steel valves
  • Four-pole induction motor causing fewer vibrations and ultimately plays an important role in lowering the noise that would otherwise be made by the compressor
  • Thermal overload protector to reduce any damage to the motor
  • Drain ball valve to empty the air tank faster and easier

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

California Air Tools is the major and highest rated manufacturer of extremely quiet and oil-free air compressors. A large number of customers, thus, believe in it and the quality it provides. Most users are quite happy with its products. Its wide range of features gives people a lot of confidence to go for it and buy.

CAT-10020C being one of its products is also well praised by the users. People are quite impressed with its low noise. They say that they were able to even talk while they were working with their CAT-10020C on any project. This is only possible with the low RPM that the compressor utilizes which is quite a feat for the manufacturer. Its portability is another positive for an overwhelming number of users. They can take it with them wherever they want. Even though some might complain about the compressor being quite heavy as it weighs more than 80 lbs, but taking it around is not difficult as it has a wheel kit, thus its heavy weight is not a curse as most think. It is not one of those difficult-to-move compressors that customers dread buying. It is fast and its recovery time is quite low which is well liked by the buyers. Its high pressure is a life saver as claimed by the users.

If you are searching for a quiet, easy-to-use, and easy-to-move compressor that requires less recovery time, comes with a spacious capacity tank, and can keep up to 10 gallons of air, then California Air Tools 10020C Air Compressor is an ideal choice for you. Its list of positives supersedes a few negatives at an affordable price. The favorable reviews are an assurance that you will like the compressor as much as the users did.