Have you ever felt the panic that sets in when you are in a hurry and discover that your car’s tire is deflated? Do you ever order ludicrous things online only to find that they need to be inflated before you can enjoy them? If so, a household compressor is what you need.

Pancake, or consumer-grade, compressors can be a life saver, especially when you are faced with a flat tire or when you need to blow up balloons for a loved one’s birthday party. Regardless of how big or small the task is, you can count on an air compressor to get the job done. Choosing a compressor requires thorough understanding about the speed with which the given product can supply air and how portable it is. While there are many selections to choose from in the market, the Bostitch BTFP02012 Compressor is one of the best options available and is worth a try.

Convenience of the Bostitch Compressor

As a consumer, one of the things that you value the most is convenience. In the fast-paced world we live in today, no one has the time to spare on items which demand too much energy and time. This product understands how valuable convenience is to its customers and, therefore, takes measures to ensure that it delivers such a value.

The pump which accompanies the product channels durability without requiring you to take extensive measures to maintain it. Such a feature is ensured by the fact that the pump does not need to be oiled to deliver consistent performance. It is this oil-free nature of the pump which makes the product low-maintenance and convenient to use.

Moreover, the product is marked by a light weight. Such a weight of the product ensures that you can easily carry it around. This portability adds to the convenience of the product and ensures that the product is not merely operational at your house, but it can also be transported to other places when the need arises.

A compressor does not add much to the aesthetic appeal of a home. Therefore, people prefer to hide it in their cabinets and stores. However, many compressors are bulky and have shapes that make them harder to store. To combat this issue and to further enhance the portability feature of the product, this compressor has a thin shape. The narrow diameter of the tank not only improves the portability but also allows you to easily store the product, thereby killing two birds with one arrow.

Tank Capacity


Air Flow


Max Pressure


Noise Level

The Bostitch Compressor Offers a Quiet Environment

One of the major pitfalls of using a compressor is the noise that you have to endure when operating it. The noise is enough to disturb everyone in your house and may even become a source of headache for you. When you are using your compressor to fill air into, for instance, a mini jumping castle, then the noise is a source of annoyance for all.

The manufacturers of this compressor have taken steps to rectify this major flaw in many of its compressors. They have succeeded in delivering a product which is wary of such a disadvantage. This product features a 78.5 dBA level of noise when in operation. This level allows for a quiet and, therefore, peaceful experience of using a compressor. Those of you who have owned compressors which are too loud to use for a long time will truly appreciate this feature of the product.

This offer is unheard of in other similar products, and it is through such value-added features that this product succeeds in standing out amongst an array of competing products. If you value a quiet working environment, this compressor may be the one for you.


Apart from the value-added features mentioned above, there are various other features that this product offers. Here are some of its specifications:

  • The speed of air supply of the product is 2.6 CFM
  • The pump has an average pressure of 90 PSI, which can go up to a maximum of 150 PSI
  • The tank has a size of 6 gallons
  • The product, while being durable, does not need to be oiled to remain functional
  • The product has a light weight of 29 lb.
  • The product features a motor marked by high efficiency, which allows it to start functioning easily, even in cold weathers or when extension cords are used
  • The coupler and regulator of the product are marked by a high flow which plays a role in making sure the performance of the compressor is maximized
  • The product is equipped with two couplers to allow two users to use it simultaneously

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Overall, this product has received positive reviews from users who have praised the compressor for its durability and premium performance. Customers have also lauded the multi-user feature of the product. The fact that two people can use the compressor is not only highly convenient for users, but it also makes this product worth the value of two compressors.

Moreover, users have appreciated the lightweight and oil-free nature of the compressor. Since changing oil is a hectic and messy process, customers believe that the lack of such a requirement has made this compressor a popular choice amongst a variety of users.

However, some have reported that the pressure regulator knob is prone to damage. This disadvantage significantly undermines the robustness of the product. Other users also feel that the product can still be further improved to be even more silent when operating.

Nonetheless, even after having a few flaws, users feel the pros of the product easily outweigh the cons. Not only does this product succeed in offering a high-quality performance, but it also does so at a reasonable price, thereby making a likely choice for the masses.

All in all, if you value portability, quality, and convenience, the Bostitch BTFP02012 Compressor will not disappoint you. Buy the compressor and watch as your life gets easier than before.